Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

LJ Idol Exhibit B - Topic 0 - Let's Try This Again, Starring copyright1983!

This gentleman struck me right away. Not with a mallet or a baseball bat or anything like that. But with his wit, evident in his very username: copyright1983. It's so damn clever I wish I'd thought of it (even though I'd be copyright1984, but that's a different story, one that involves a lot of placenta, probably.)

copyright1983 has a good sense of humor.

And so I clicked to read more, as that is the nature of this thing we call LJ Idol. You click, you read, you ponder briefly, you move on.

But more unfolded as I peered into the depths of his journal.

He had an XKCD icon. And not of just any old joke, mind you. His icon honors my favorite XKCD joke, the angry man in the hat. I should say that "angry" may not be the best adjective to describe the character; it's more that he's the one always stirring up trouble. And the only character with any real identity.

copyright1983 appreciates troublemakers.

Before I even started reading his first entry, I noticed the title of his journal: "Words With Frentz". My first thought: "How clever! He likes to play Words With Friends!" But then I looked closer, noting the off spelling of "Friends". This prompted me to click on his profile page to investigate, and here we learn his full name: Mike Frentz.

At which point, my head exploded with the realization that I could be dealing with a full blown genius here.

"Words With Frentz" is a triple-entendre.

1) Mr. Frentz is, indeed, a fan of Words With Friends and its technophobic grandfather, Scrabble.

2) He writes words in his Livejournal.

3) His name is Mike Frentz.

copyright1983 has a brilliant grasp of wordplay. And that's all I really need to know.

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