Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

LJI Voting

I haven't been in the running for a few weeks now, but it's down to the final four, and this is the vote that will determine EVERYTHING. Everything.

Obviously, all of the final four are stupendous writers, but personally, I'm throwing my support behind zephyrly. It was a very close call for me between her and impoetry. He created an intriguing alternate reality where LJI is a big circus. But her entry contained an entire story about why she loves cephalopods in the form of a footnote.

That is JUST ONE reason I am rooting for her, but I'm keeping this short. Should you desire to base your entire decision on my feelings about the matter, I encourage you to go vote. You can also read the entries and pick your own favorite, just DON'T TELL THEM I SENT YOU.


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