Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

*poke poke*

I've gained a few new lovely friends thanks to LJI. HI I AM MAKING THIS POST PRETTY MUCH JUST FOR YOU because otherwise I will feel like you've friended an empty journal.

LJ very much used to be my home and safe space on the Internet, but I've migrated a bit. Here's where I'm spending most of my time these days:

I spend way too much time on the Facebooks, and I'm vlogging a lot on the YouTubes.

I could say that I want to rekindle my passionate romance with LJ, and that would be true, but I feel like I've made the "I'M COMING BACK TO YOU, MY LOVE" post more times than I'm comfortable with and it's never worked out.

LJ has a special place in my heart. I come to it when I miss it, or when something's going on *cough*LJI*cough*. Other than that, we're like those friends who know they will always be important to each other, regardless of how long they're apart. I do poke my head in from time to time.

Should you choose to make the foray into Facebook friendship with me, it would be awesome if you could message me so I know who you are and I'm not like, "WHO IS THIS CRAZY PERSON FRIENDING ME I DON'T RECOGNIZE THEM AT ALL".

Also, nobody is under any obligation to pay attention to me in any other forum. It just feels a shame to meet fine people and then never speak any words to them again.

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