Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


Had kind of a shitty day. Did not feel very strong today. I feel like I want to do something stupid. Just don't know what. (Not stupid dangerous, like drive off a cliff or anything, but stupid stupid, like...stand on the street corner and film myself eating forty pies.)

(I'm not going to do that either.)

ETA: Going back in time to this date (or the date before midnight happened) in 2007, I found this post, where I state the following about my ultimate professional goal: "I don't have one. Or, rather, it changes on a near daily basis. I really doubt I could be happy doing any one thing for the rest of my life, except for maybe fantasizing about all the options that are out there."

And I say this about my ultimate personal goal: "To not let myself feel old, to not let myself get in a rut, and to do whatever makes me happy."

And I thought to myself, huh, those are still pretty accurate, despite the fact that I have let myself get in a rut.

And then I said, "I WANT TO SLEEP AND SLEEP AND SLEEP AND SLEEP AND NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN." Which is kind of what I did today. It made me laugh. You're welcome, me from the past!

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