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Thinky Thoughts

LJ, the warm cuddly blanket that I neglect when I'm not sleeping. THAT WAS A METAPHOR THAT MAY NOT HAVE MEANT ANYTHING. You decide.

I have been going to bed around 6 AM lately. Tonight I figured if I'm going to be awake, instead of wasting the time watching YouTube and playing Spider Solitaire, I could write. And let the clacking of the keyboard disturb Green in his sleep, bwahahaha.

Not quite sure if I have anything specific to write about, but if you don't flex the muscle from time to time, blah blah blah, and speaking of flexing muscles, how the hell did I get in the habit of moving around so much, and how the hell have I managed to completely break that habit and while away my time in the most uncomfortable chair on the face of the planet?


That is a thing I'd like to reverse.

Mrph, mrph, mrph mrph mrph.

I'm embracing my inner vlogger. Making a go at not being so fucking afraid of the camera. If you didn't already know, all three of you that still read the things I put down here from time to time. You can watch what comes out here:

Oddly, vlogging so far is somewhat solving that whole issue I was having of "Do I be deep and insightful? Or just fucking weird?" Vloggers seem to have a free pass to be both, interchangeably, which is something I realized but never explored myself. Given that right now I'm more in a "just fucking weird" state of mind than a "deep and insightful" one, there isn't much of the latter put into vlog form (YET), but I'm sure it'll spill out eventually.

So here is a problem I have recognized: I get a lot of creative, dance-y, sing-y urges in the middle of the night. When Green's sleeping. NO GOOD. Must figure out a way to get those out without waking him up.

I should get a calendar so I can keep better track of the days, and log visual progress on things and projects. There's a lot of stuff I could be working on that I'm just not doing because of the aforementioned YouTube and Spider Solitaire. On the plus side, I have been actually doing my work from home job, which is great, because hey income. I've been mulling over the idea of getting another part-time lazy job, just to get out of the house and have a wee bit more income, but I don't know. It would have to be the right kind of job for me to take. I guess I'm pretty lucky to be in a position where I have the choice to work or not (or at least work somewhere that would schedule me).

Da da da da...I have no idea what I was hoping would come out of this post. THIS HAS BEEN ANOTHER THINGS THAT AREN'T IMPORTANT, BY ME. You're welcome.

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