Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Quick Gratitude Post/Update

I went to my first yoga class in almost a month yesterday. It didn't feel like I'd really stopped going, which is the nice thing about yoga. You do it every day for 70 days, you can take a month off and not lose much.

I'm about to go to class right now, but I wanted to post quickly about today because it definitely feels like things are getting back on track for me, and posting about it is helping a lot.

First of all, I am grateful to the people who have been commenting on these new posts. Your comments have been incredibly helpful in reminding me that it's okay to go through crappy times, and that I'm not as far off the path as I might think.

Today, I talked on the phone for about two hours to my very first yoga teacher, the one who basically made me realize I wanted to be a teacher too, about the Bikram/Sunstone dilemma. I am extremely grateful for her input, in a nutshell she told me to try Sunstone and talk to the people up there before making a decision either way, but it seems like whatever decision I make I will be helping people through teaching, and that is the most important thing.

I am also grateful that I have started juicing again. I went to the store and managed to get enough fruits and veggies for a decent number of juices for only ten bucks.

And finally, I sent Baxter from Hoop Path a message ages ago about an idea I had for a project involving him and Hoop Path, and I hadn't heard anything. Today, I got a message back saying he loved the idea and would like to discuss it more when he's in town in May. So HOORAY FOR TAKING CHANCES and HOORAY FOR BEING PATIENT.

It's been a very good day today, I'm sure the juice and the yoga are part of it, I'm sure the posting is part of it, I'm sure making a deliberate effort to steer my life back on its path is part of it, and I'm grateful for all of it.

Now I need to get to class.

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