Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Moar Gratitude

I think I'm going to keep doing these for a while, because yesterday was a lot better than the day before, and today can be even better with the right attitude. There are some shit things I could focus on, but I'm doing my best to focus instead on the stuff I have and am grateful for.

1. Green. <3
2. I have four hoops to make today!
3. I have the SUPPLIES to make those hoops, thanks to a kind donation from a friend and help procuring collapsible connectors!
4. I've done some cleaning, so our apartment looks a little more open and inviting now. :)
5. I got a call back from an interview I thought I'd bombed, they want me to come back for a typing accuracy test!
6. I have received quite a bit of support from friends recently!
7. I am super grateful for the Internet and social media, which gives us the ability to quickly connect with great numbers of people. I believe in this technology as a positive thing that connects, inspires and lifts people up.
8. Livejournal is currently working.
9. The first Harry Potter book is on its way from Paperback Swap so I can start re-reading the series.
10. Creative Motion and the friends I have made through them.

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