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Livejournal I have a question and it is JUST FOR YOU.

Okay so I decided to GET SERIOUS about blogging and posting blog posts and BEING A BLOGGER. And the thing is that I think I can do it, I am enjoying it a lot, and cross-posting to LJ REALLY REALLY HELPS because I am so comfy with LJ and everyone I love is on LJ and LJ is my friggen' HOME and stuff.

But here is the THING. I've been posting all these ~*~inspirational~*~ things on my blog and a lot of people have told me how much they like my blog and how they are ~*~inspired~*~ and whatnot and I am REALLY HAPPY about that because I wasn't expecting such an enthusiastic reaction so soon. And I've gotten posts with LOTS AND LOTS OF HITS because people read them and they are moved to pieces and they link them to other people and those other people are in turn ALSO moved to bits and it's all very moving BUT.

Sometimes I just want to be a retarded goofball. Sometimes I want to blog about how hilarious the word "probably" is, and write awful poem after awful poem about things like butternut squash soup and elephants. Maybe even poems about elephants eating butternut squash soup.

And then I read blogs like Hyperbole and a Half, which was actually the blog that inspired me to GET SERIOUS about BLOGGING and I realize how much I just want to write ridiculous exuberant crazy. But I feel like I've pretty much blogged myself into an inspirational corner with my "Legit Blog" and if I were like "GUYS OKAY HERE IS A POEM ABOUT ELEPHANTS EATING BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP, PROBABLY IT IS TERRIBLE, ENJOY", it would confuse everyone.

So. I'm thinking of starting a SECOND OTHER BLOG. A blog just for GOOFY SHENANIGANS and TERRIBLE IDEAS. I might even call it "Goofy Shenanigans and Terrible Ideas". It's not that I don't think I'll never write another inspirational post, it's just that I KNOW how much fun I have going completely off the rails goofy, and I know other people enjoy it because look how Xlormp blew up, and that was just me having goofy ridiculous fun.


Should I just create another blog strictly for goofiness? It genuinely feels like shitting in a field of beautiful pansies when I try to post something ridiculous and random on the Jess Herself blog. I think there's an audience for both, and there's probably a crossover audience that would appreciate both (given that people read this LJ). But I feel like I need a space free for playing. Do you think that would be TOO MUCH?

I think I could handle it. Sometimes I honestly feel like two different people. On the one hand, we have THIS JESS...

...who is all thoughtful and ethereal and very into the world and its energy and how everything flows and how reality is what we make of it and just wants to do a whole bunch of yoga and hug a tree while dancing on a rainbow.

And on the other hand, we have THIS JESS...

...who laughs for hours about made up funny words like "blanana", writes endless mockery about the Twilight series, dances by leaping forcefully whilst flailing wildly, and STILL FINDS IT EXTREMELY HILARIOUS TO YELL IN ALL CAPS ON THE INTERNET. (By the way, Nikki aka opaleyes made that picture for me for my birthday five years ago and I STILL LOVE IT.)

They are both very much me, but I think they each need their own blog to do their own thing so they don't feel like they're pissing other people off.

Thoughts? Input? Suggestions? Cream pies?

I would really like to know your HONEST OPINION about this.

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