Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Man, join the OK Go newsletter, if not for the band info, then for the funny.

The most recent installment in the OK Go newsletter fun:

Dearest persons (and very smart and sneaky pets):

It is with a heavy bladder that I bring to you this OK Go email. I am not kidding. I really have to pee. Being a dedicated and silly individual, I have pledged not to relieve myself until after I've written this email. This reckless decision was made in the spirit of my seventh grade social studies teacher, the late Len Cercone, who wouldn't let you out of his class until he could, and I quote, "see the yellow of your eyes." I learned a lot in that class, as you might imagine, and you're going to learn a lot in this email. So, eyes forward. Time to simmer down.

Promises Made:
Chapter one, in which I beg you to request Get Over It
Chapter two, in which I tell you about a free show this Thursday
Chapter three, in which I direct you to Mad TV
Chapter four, in which I supply the UK tour dates
Chapter five, in which I discuss the anatomy of snowfolk, and offer you a great bargain

Here I left out the actual info, which isn't as funny, and skipped to "chapter five".

Honestly, Officer, they're just a couple of snow cones.
It's 2003. Shouldn't snowwomen have the same rights as snowmen? Shouldn't snowpeople of all genders, and all shades (of blinding white), be allowed to stand free, stand naked? Well, tell that to Crystal Lynn's neighbors in Kent, Ohio. She's the kind of person who builds topless snowladies. They're the kinds of people who call the cops. Read the whole story, here:

While you're wasting time, read this story about a guy who hired Paul McCartney to play his wife's birthday party. It cost him one million dollars. I'm here to tell you that if you come up with one million dollars, OK Go will not only play your birthday party, they'll clean the house, hire the clown, and bake the chocolate layer cake. Serious inquiries only.

I really have to go now,


And I thought I was making a mistake when I signed this guy's little list. Turns out it's like a joke a day only not every day.

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