Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


Apparently an anagram of my name, "Jessica Wagstrom", is "Majestic Ass Grow".


There was an episode of Dinosaur Comics where T-Rex explained that the way he got people to not like him was to sit in a boat very quietly, and when they try to talk to him he plays "In The Hall of the Mountain King" on a synthesizer that only synthesizes the screams of children.

I didn't know what the song was just from the title but I recognized it when I listened to it and YOU WILL TOO, because somebody actually DID THIS and it's worth clicking on just to hear a bunch of screams somehow make a melody. Incredible. I laughed so friggen' hard.

I was laughing about the song and then right when it ended, I discovered the "Majestic Ass Grow" thing from's new anagram widget and proceeded to laugh my majestically grown ass clean off. My e-mail has certainly filled my morning with hilarity today!

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