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Inspired By Awesome - Gala Darling

I'm not big into fashion. I have about four pairs of jeans that I cycle through based on which is least dirty, and a handful of t-shirts (most of them from Cedar Point) that I keep in constant rotation. Fashion intrigues me, but not enough to follow it.

So it might seem odd that a fashion blogger is inspirational enough for me to set as a home tab on Firefox.

That's because Gala Darling posts about a little more than just fashion.

I first found Gala in February of last year, when she launched a celebration of radical self love for the whole month. She'd done an interview with John Halcyon Styn talking about the project, and I immediately got behind the concept. Instead of feeling bad about being single on Valentine's Day, why not take the whole month to lavish yourself with love?

I signed on and have been following her ever since. Aside from having one of the most gorgeous blogs I've ever seen, Gala is a treasure trove of information, cool ideas, and fun links. Every Friday she makes a Carousel post where she rounds up interesting articles she's found around the Internet that week. I spend many happy hours poking through those links, discovering new things, new people, new blogs. I love it!

But the biggest influence Gala has had on my life comes from her podcast, Love & Sequins.

The podcast is broken down into twelve "chapters" that comprise a book she wrote purely because she wanted to write a book (another concept I can completely get behind). These chapters cover a myriad of topics: self-love, business, fashion, New York, blogging, friends, and more. When I started poking through them, there were only seven chapters available. I was most interested in Chapter 2, The Smart Girl's Guide to Business. But I liked her blog so much that I decided to dive in and get a subscription to the whole book.

I'm really glad I did. I got something out of every single chapter, even from the ones I didn't expect (like the chapter on manners).

I think the reason this podcast is so useful is because the entire thing builds off of Chapter 1, Learning to Love Yourself. Many subsequent chapters begin with, "If you haven't read Chapter 1, go back and do it right now!" (Each chapter also comes as a readable PDF.) Coming at every aspect of your life from an angle of self love and self respect gives the entire project a much stronger heart than your average how-to book. Plus, the whole thing is read in her adorable New Zealand accent, which makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to!

Love & Sequins is at times like a walk-through of her life up to this point. I enjoy hearing about what she did before she started her blog, and how she's managed to grow a successful business online for herself just by doing what she loves: dressing up and writing about it. It seems so simple, because it is so simple.

I'm indebted to Gala for providing something so personal and detailed in addition to her regular blog. You can really tell that she puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and it pays off. Learning about her journey first put the seeds in my head to finally start taking blogging more seriously.

And even, perhaps, wear some bolder clothing.

Lessons Learned From Gala Darling:

-Do what you love without fear

-Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself

-Wear clothes that make you feel happy, even if they might seem ridiculous to others

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