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Inspired By Awesome - Jessica Mullen

I've been reading Jessica Mullen's blog almost non-stop since I quit my "day job", and I can't get enough of it. It's full of inspiration and ideas for making each day better than the last!

I stumbled onto Jessica's blog when I was browsing through the backlog of Gala Darling's "I Want To Be" posts. From time to time, Gala will feature a professional from a particular career and interview their journey getting to that point. I was actually looking to see if she'd ever done "I Want To Be...A Freelance Writer", but I didn't find that post. What I DID find was: "I Want To Be...A Lifestreamer!"

I had no idea what, exactly, "lifestreaming" entailed. I could guess, though, and it intrigued me enough to click on the article.

Turns out Jessica and her wife Kelly run their own School of Life Design, with lessons on how to build your life via your thoughts, and how to turn your website into the outward expression of you. Lifestreaming made immediate sense to me. One thing I've struggled with in the past is how to keep my "professional" life separate from my "personal" life (or my online life). I've always come to a stalemate with this, because I feel like every aspect of my life is so intertwined that it doesn't make sense to try to separate them.

The concept of lifestreaming was like an excuse to stop the struggle of holding that barrier up. Make MY LIFE my work. Duh. How long have I been telling myself some form of this? I've constantly told myself to make my heath, yoga, hooping, whatever is most important to me my Real Work, regardless of what "day job" I might be holding down at the time. Reading Jessica's site was like written permission to stop the niggling guilt monkeys in the back of my mind telling me that it might not be okay to live that way.

For some reason, putting a word on it, especially a word that can mean just about anything, gave it the legitimacy I needed to embrace it. I realized that pretty much all of the people I admire most are lifestreamers! Amanda Palmer, John and Hank Green, Kevin Smith, all of these people live their lives publicly online, constantly weaving their work with their lives. Their lives ARE their work!

In my poking around Jessica's site, I also found The Popular Podcast, which she and Kelly have been doing together for years. Watching some of the episodes, I remembered that I had seen it somewhere before, a few years ago. Someone had linked to it somewhere on the Intarwebs, and I'd clicked and watched. But I hadn't delved much deeper than that at the time.

This isn't the first time this has happened to me, where something I find on the Internet then comes back a few years later and turns out to be really important and helpful to me. It happened with Halcyon Styn and his Hug Nation, as well. It's always a little weird, yet synergistic, when it happens. It's like, okay, the Universe keeps shoving me towards these people, and at the time, I wasn't ready to hear what they had to say. But something out there knew I needed them, and it led me back at exactly the right moment.

Definitely the case with Jessica Mullen, I'm incredibly grateful to have come across her site when I did!

Lessons Learned From Jessica Mullen:

-Let go of your fears and trust that you are taken care of

-Post / talk about / think about the things that you want more of in your life

-Your life is your work!

-And much more. Not done learning from this inspirational woman!

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