Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Positivity Bracelet!

I was fiddling around on YouTube because I do that from time to time, and I watched Alex Day's Life in a Day video. And it was going on as most Life in a Day videos do, but at the end, Alex made mention of a bracelet he was wearing.

And the bracelet is actually pretty cool!

Hear Alex describe the bracelet (he starts talking about it around 3:03):

If you either can't or don't want to watch the video, here's what he says:

"The idea of this bracelet is that you have to keep it on, and count every day that you have it on, and when you get to twenty-one days, you can take it off. BUT, every time you complain about something, you have to take the bracelet off and put it on your other wrist, and start again from zero.

"Apparently it takes twenty-one days for repeated action to become a habit. So the idea is that if you can go without complaining for twenty-one days, it'll be because your mindset has just altered and become more positive."

I really like this! I like the idea of a tangible reminder to think positively, because it is so easy to fall into complaining. Especially when you've got someone to complain with, because then you both sit back and forth trying to "out-complain" each other. It's addictive and draining at the same time.

What if you were both wearing positivity bracelets??

This is a habit I've put a lot of effort into breaking, but I never considered anything like this! Anyone else up for it? The best part is it doesn't have to be a special bracelet, it can be ANY bracelet, you could even make your own! Make them for your friends! Let's all make positivity a habit!

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