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Today Green and I WENT FOR A WALK. (And Other Things I'm Grateful For)

So a few years back when I was feeling like things couldn't possibly get much worse than being forced to sit in a tiny square for nine hours a day (which wasn't really true, I had the Internet the WHOLE TIME and I got paid for it, so in reality, that was pretty awesome, except for the part where I had to spend nine hours a day pretending I wasn't on the Internet), I used to make posts about the things I was grateful for because realizing how much you have is always a good thing.

I've been reading Jessica Mullen's School of Life Design and she actually recommends doing this, and I forgot that I used to do it all the time before anyone ever told me to, and I think it would be a good idea to do again.

So here goes! Things I am super grateful for RIGHT NOW (in no particular order):

1. Green and I are working on spending less money, so instead of driving to the store around the corner, we walked to it. The sun was shining but it was not ungodly hot, it was actually quite pleasant, and we purchased some groceries and then walked home in a delightful mood.

2. Green is now cooking dinner while I read funny things on the Internet. <3


4. And FUNCTIONING APPENDAGES. Like fingers. And legs. And elbows.

5. We have a cat and it is very soft.

6. There's a roof above our head!

7. I have a car that can get me from point A to point B.

8. Yoga!

9. Hoops!

10. My first ever FAM chart shows that I am ovulating like a normal human lady, as I have experienced my first (recorded) THERMAL SHIFT!! (This is probably only exciting to me, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to post my chart when this cycle is over. So get PSYCHED FOR THAT.)

11. I can breathe! Air!

12. My feet work!


14. I got some Barnes & Noble gift cards that I got from work for doing a good job before I quit work because of how much time they spent telling me I don't do a good job, and I used them to purchase the new Tim Ferriss book and the new Rachel Brice DVD! They should be here any day now.

15. I've got NEW HOOP TAPE on the way!

16. I have a cell phone with which I can contact people I love!

17. I can SEE with my EYES!!!

18. I can HEAR with my EARS!!!!

19. I can type REALLY FAST.

20. YouTube! I love YouTube. It is on the INTERNET.

That is all for now. What are YOU grateful for? :)

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