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My Favorite Thing About the New Yoga Studios: THE SHOWERS

The yoga studio I'm going to is BRAND SPANKING NEW. I mean, it's been open maybe a month? Possibly less, I think. I actually found it while it was still in the middle of getting built, and stalked it until it opened.

The place is beautiful. I've been to a few of the newer Bikram studios, it seems in recent years there is a trend toward more regulated humidity, less shaggy carpets, and GIANT, fancy, intimidating lobbies filled with shiny objects and expensive yoga adornments. This one does not disappoint. It's effing GORGEOUS.

The actual room for yoga-ing is huge, it is hot, it is sweaty, the carpets are attractive and patterned in such a way to minimize the appearance of stains, the ceilings are fresh with no weird brown spots on them, the mirrors aren't cracked, and other stuff.

But all of this pales in comparison to how bad-ass the showers are.


Several months ago I was very proud of myself because I seemed to have finally grasped that common staple of personal hygiene: showering daily. I would wake up, carry my bag o' showery things to the bathroom, shower, and then put on deodorant and clean clothes and stuff. I felt very advanced and superior.

At the time, I was sort-of-but-not-really living with this guy who had a functioning shower. He also went to school, so he got up about the same time every day. This worked out great for my whole get-up-and-shower routine: He'd wake up and leave, I'd sleep some more then wake up and shower.

But then we broke up, or whatever you'd call it when you decide the benefits of the friendship are not so beneficial anymore. I lingered in the abyss of homelessness for a while until finally officially moving in with my current roommates.

The shower here is AWFUL. It's one of those showers that starts as a bath until you turn the special spigot that activates the SHOWER POWERS. Except that it doesn't quite understand that it's not supposed to start showering until you actually turn the spigot. It shoots out water from above regardless of whether the spigot is on or off.

When you actually turn the knob (I'm going to stop calling it a "spigot" because I think that might just be a Texas word. I will check on this and get back to you. *checks* Ah, nope, it's just an American word! Still, knob sounds less stupid.) I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought in all the parenthetical statement. Let me start over.

When you actually turn the knob, the water will come out in full showery force, but it can't decide if it wants to be hot or cold. It will vacillate WILDLY between scalding hot and goose bump inflicting cold. You can prevent this temperature shift, oddly enough, by leaving the knob in the non-shower position. Then, the water coming from the shower faucet will remain consistent, temperature-wise.

HOWEVER. The water now spilling from the let's-take-a-bath faucet will be a vastly warmer temperature. If you're like me and you like hot showers, making the water hot enough for showering comfort requires boiling your feet in four inches of searing water of death.

Ultimately, I end up either avoiding taking showers or I take baths instead, baths where I don't so much wash myself as just sit in the incredibly hot water and sweat.


1) They do not require you to switch between bathing or showering. It is automatically assumed you desire to shower.

2) They remain the same temperature, which, I might add, can be EASILY ADJUSTED with the turn of the handle. (These showers have things that more closely resemble handles rather than knobs.)

3) They have SOAP, SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER DISPENSERS. Not only can I shower comfortably immediately after yoga class, but I DON'T HAVE TO BRING ANY SHOWER MATERIALS. They are provided in a convenient, push-button dispenser!!

My excitement about these showers is not to be believed. Every morning when my alarm goes off, it is less the thought of going to yoga and more the fact that I will get to take an AMAZING, COMFORTABLE SHOWER afterward that gets me out of bed.

Most importantly, I feel like a hygienic member of society ONCE AGAIN.

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