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Okay, here is how I choose to solve this problem. I am going to post to BOTH my Fancy Ass "Real" Blog AND my LJ. I'm posting the exact same shit to both of them. That will make me feel better about life in general. The only difference is, I'm only confessing this to YOU, Livejournal. I'm not telling THEM. (Them being the two people that read my Fancy Ass "Real" Blog.)

I think this might help because A) I can type up posts first in the soothing familiarity of LJ and then just copy them over to Wordpress, and B) I will have the precious, precious threaded comments that I love so dearly and get FEEDBACK on the crap that I post since no one seems to comment on my Wordpress posts (except my mother).

Are we cool with this arrangement, LJ? I hope so because I love you and I paid a lot of money for you and I should probably not just give up on you. I do say that every so often but we'll see how this new plan goes. And odds are LJ will get a few more posts than my Fancy Ass "Real" Blog because let's face it, there are some things I only want LJ to know.


365 Days of Bikram, Days 3 & 4

I did not make a post yesterday because I was too busy STAYING AWAKE. This is how yesterday went:

8:00 AM - Wake up. Grumble about being awake due to having spent the day before doing a lot of Things and not getting to bed until very late.

8:15 AM - Actually get out of bed and get ready for yoga.

8:30 AM - Drive to yoga.

9:00 AM - Attend yoga. Marked improvement but still a very definite feeling of imminent death.

11:00 AM - Drive to storage shed to pay for that so that they don't auction off all of my possessions.

12:00 PM - Go to work.

2:00 PM - Realize mid-shift that I'm EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED.

2:15 PM - 5:00 PM - Continue to be extremely exhausted with no way of rectifying the problem. Suck it up best I can with a minimal amount of complaining and then leave.

5:02 PM - Go to the gas station, hand them three dollars to add a feeble amount of gas to my tank.

5:04 PM - Drive away from gas station.

5:15 PM - Glance down to see gas light is still on, wonder just how little gas three dollars actually gets you.

5:45 PM - Get all the way to Ft. Worth to teach my hoop class, where I realize I never actually pumped the gas.

6:00 PM - Teach my hoop class.

7:00 PM - Pray I have enough gas to make it back home.

7:30 PM - Get home and demand Green leave immediately so we can make it to Open Stage. He is playing a game so he insists I wait.

7:35 PM - Green shows me FOOD. I EAT IT despite my desire to be on sort of time.

7:50 PM - I finish eating and we finally leave.

8:35 PM - Arrive at Open Stage, having missed all but the last three acts. Proceed to have an awesome time anyway because the best part is the jam afterward, which we stay at for the next few hours.

11:15 PM - Realize we are both still FRIGGEN' EXHAUSTED and leave.

11:50 PM - Arrive home. Crawl into bed. Sleep.

So, if you were paying attention, you'll notice that I was not home much yesterday except to wake up, eat a little bit, and sleep. Also I was so dang tired that I drove away from the pump without getting gas I had already paid for. (I got my money back today so it's okay. Also I sold a hoop at Open Stage last night so I was able to put a more sane amount of gas in my tank.)

I guess the point is that I always forget how exhausting it is going back to yoga. At first, anyway. It is true that I gain energy in class, I always feel a lot more awake and happy after I leave. But it wears off quickly. Especially when I have a day like yesterday, where I'm doing everything under the sun.

I figure the reason for this is that my body is doing a lot of work to heal itself in a short amount of time. It's sweating a lot, releasing a bunch of toxins, and working muscles and organs that I've been neglecting for months. It takes a lot out of you, and then your body wants you to lie down and take a friggen' nap so it can absorb all the good stuff.

You know how when you get sick, you are tired all the time? I feel like it's kind of the same idea. When you're sick, your body is working double-time to fight off the illness. So even though you feel like you're doing nothing but sitting on your ass watching Wheel-of-Fortune reruns, guzzling chicken soup and filling tissue upon tissue with the contents of your nasal cavities, your body is actually expending quite a bit of effort to get you well again. Which makes you TIRED.

The first few days back to yoga are sort of like a self-induced illness. Or rather, getting your body battle-ready to fight off crap you've been collecting for years that you may not have even realized was a problem. So even after class is over, your freshly re-vamped body is still healing itself. Hence, extra amounts of tired.

Now, Savasana is built into the class for the very purpose of letting your body recoup and register the effects of each posture. And once my body is back in shape, that small amount of rest will be enough. But right now, my body is like, "Oh SNAP girlfriend, we got so much work to do. You just lie down and take it easy for a bit." And I'm like, you know what, I would love to. But I haven't had much spare time for resting. And of course I foolishly accepted a shift at a different store tomorrow, which was supposed to be my day off, which I planned to spend resting.

So I guess rest will have to wait until Thursday and I'll just have to live with exhaustion until then and hope my body forgives me for it in the mean time. Until then, I'm bringing my Alphasmart with me to work so that I can actually write posts, since I'll more than likely be sleeping when I'm at home for the next few days.

This post brought to you by my ALPHASMART and by BLOGGING WHEN MAYBE I SHOULD BE WORKING. *applause*

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