Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Days 12 & 13 (OF YOGA)

So on Monday night, I got my ass (and ego) kicked by an aerial silks class. What are aerial silks, you may ask?


Now, I foolishly thought (because I am dumb) that I might magically be naturally good at these things. The truth is, they are REALLY HARD. And require the use and super mighty strength of two parts of my body that are pretty weak (your arms and your abs). I spent the bulk of the class trying not to dissolve in a fit of frustration at how freaking difficult it was just to lift myself off the ground. I don't know why I was surprised, I've always sucked at pull ups and these were like pull ups PLUS. Times a BILLION.

By the end of class, I had managed to get myself yanked upside down and dangling perilously by my arms a few times. But it took the whole. Entire. Class.

The next day, my shoulders were sore. Like, BEYOND sore. Like I cannot remember the last time I felt pain like this. I went to yoga anyway.

FUN FACT: The past two classes, I went to the 6 AM class because I am a masochist I had to be at work at noon and I didn't want to have to deal with going straight from yoga to work, which is what would have happened if I went to 9:30. Apparently the owners of the studio, Greg and Kristyn, teach the early-ass classes. Day 12 I had Greg, day 13 (today) I had Kristyn for the first time in my entire challenge.

Surprisingly, class on day 12 with my arms as sore as crap did not go as horribly as I expected! I actually did pretty well, and my arms didn't hurt except in Pavanamuktasana, when we had to pull on our knees. The pulling hurt like crap.

When I woke up this morning for day 13, I realized that the pain I had felt upon waking yesterday had been but a delightful piece of rainbow pie compared to this morning's pain. Every time I moved in any way I said OW.

I went to yoga anyway.

EVERYTHING HURT. Any time I had to raise my arms above my head, it hurt. Which happens in a good chunk of the postures. I was unwilling to do battle with my slacker mind today. Slacker mind said, "This fucking hurts," and I said, "Okay, you're right."

I still did the class, didn't sit out any postures, sucked up a lot of the pain. But I didn't try toe stand, and I didn't push myself to stay in standing bow like I wanted to, and I popped out of left side Trikanasana a few times on both sets.

But here's the thing: I told myself it's okay. Because today I felt like crap. And sometimes you have classes where you feel like crap. And the best thing you can do in those classes is do what you can, and forgive yourself the things you can't. Which, I have to say, is the hardest thing for me to do: Forgive myself. I'm excellent at being super hard on myself (ironically enough, I tend to be hard on myself for being too easy on myself).

Maybe tomorrow's class will be better. Hey, it's not until 8 AM. I get to sleep in.

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