Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Day Ten - Heavy Thoughts

So here's something that is true, yet difficult to control, especially when you really want to. If you surrender to the posture and go into it with strength and good form, the pose will be easier than if you let yourself think about how much it will hurt or how tired you'll be or how you have to do this, and THEN the next pose, and THEN the next pose...your thoughts are always heavier than your body can ever be. They will pull you down, collapse you out of pose after pose, make you feel like you're fighting against four hundred extra pounds of pressure.

Try telling yourself the pose is easy right before you go into it, even if your heavy thoughts are pushing you to just sit down and give yourself a break. "This pose is easy, I can do it comfortably." And then do it.

That being said, day ten for me was another struggle of a class. Fighting against old habits, coming out of postures I've been doing pretty well at holding strong through. But every class is different, and I shouldn't let myself get all hung up on how I "should" be doing, but rather, how I AM doing.

It's tough, though. Sometimes it's hard for me to tell what is me letting my body be what it is today, and what is me letting myself go easy when I could be putting in more effort. I'm letting today be what it was because, really, I've had an exhausting past few days. I'm not going to do much of anything today besides chill at home and enjoy the day.

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