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LJ Idol - Topic 13 - Current Events

So you're probably aware of this, but if you aren't, this Sunday is Valentine's Day. Working in the floral department of a grocery store, I am painfully aware of how freaking nigh this stupid holiday is. And let me tell you, I've never been more convinced that V-Day exists solely to separate us from our money.

We've been ramping up for Valentine's Day since Christmas ended, and my store is not the only one doing so. Stores everywhere are ordering extra roses, extra flowers, so that people will have some tangible way to show their sweeties that they care. We've got roses spilling out of the dairy cooler. We've got vases pre-wrapped with heart-laden ribbon, so that all we have to do is stick the flowers in and they're good to go. We've got the scars on our fingers to show that the roses have valiantly fought back against their sales-crazed oppressors.

Now, I'm not exactly the most obvious choice for a floral employee. I've always found flowers to be a profoundly stupid way to express your feelings for someone. "I love you so much, sweetie baby, that I'm going to scrape my pennies together in order to get you this beautiful living thing we yanked out of the ground, cut, maimed, and crammed in a vase, so that you can watch it gradually die an unnatural death, suffocating slowly due to being removed from its roots and support system." That's a pretty horrific symbol of "love". It blows my mind the money people will spend on these things.

Especially right now. For Valentine's Day, all of our roses have increased in price by ten dollars. What used to be a $9.99 dozen rose bouquet now costs $19.99. If you have your savings card, otherwise they are $24.99.

I miss the way we celebrated Valentine's Day as a kid. No need to spend billions of dollars on flowers that will wilt and be worthless in a week. No, sir, we'd carefully construct our Valentine shoebox, complete with Elmer's glue and construction paper. Then we'd craft our own Valentines, and walk around sticking them in everyone else's boxes. Valentine's Day back then had nothing to do with love and romance and stupid, stupid, waste of money flowers. Back then, it was all about sharing, friendship, equality, and fun. And you could keep those cards forever if you wanted. I still have some somewhere.

So here is my plea to you, fellow humans. Don't tell her you love her with flowers. Write her something nice. (Or him. There's no need to be gender specific.) Take the time to really think about why you love the one your with (or someone you just love, regardless if they are a friend or lover), and put pen to paper. Make it permanent. Make it mean something. Make it last.

It's a lot cheaper than roses.

My partner this week was thaliontholwen, her entry is here

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