Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
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Rich's Tips

This post is mostly for me. I follow Rich Porter (my favorite hooper) on Twitter, and he recently posted a string of tweets in an attempt to "figure out what makes a smart creative hooper". I wanted to put them all in one post, so that I can have easy access to them:

Tip #1: Avoid what's expected...leg warmers...skimpy outfits...tada these things sparingly. These things were designed for maximum impact with least actual input. See it done 1000 times and it gets dull. Unless its authentic, it's often an attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Tip #2: Do things that are blatantly boring to anyone accept yourself. Do it for months while others laugh. Something unique will arise.

Tip #3: Take inspiration from sources outside the hoop world. This avoids incestuous habits.

Tip #4: Get lost in the music not the audience.

Tip #5: Critique and accept criticism. Avoidance of critique is akin to apathy. As a community we avoid critique like the plague.

Tip #6: Try hooping under the influence. Just don't do it all the time. Sometimes it can open doors you had overlooked. (Note from me: This is the only tip I don't intend to take, as I don't use substances of any kind, but it's still in here because it makes the numbering even.)

Tip #7: Ignore everybody. The more unique your process is the less value anyone else will be able to contribute. I stole this from H.Macleod.

Tip #8: Never confuse a pat on the back with a spiritual reward. You can potentially gain far greater than approval.

Tip #9: Play with the variables. Hoop alone. Hoop in a group. Hoop to fast music. Hoop to slow music. Hoop on a street corner. Hoop naked. (I've done all but the street corner, and it's one of my goals for '10.)

Tip #10: Find someone who inspires you. Don't emulate but try and figure out what motivates them.

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