Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

It is a day!

A day I am taking for meeeeeeee. I am sitting at Coffee Haus watching YouTube videos and being generally inspired by awesome.

Last night was Winter Solstice in Dallas and I had no flipping idea how huge an event it was. I was part of the Joy Brigade at the beginning, with mah hoops, and that was a lot of fun, but even MORE fun happened at the end when a bunch of skilled Taiko drummers drummed like crazy, and all of these crazy people who like dancing like crazyheads rushed the stage and danced crazily. I joined them...WITH MAH HOOP. There were poi spinners, flag spinners, club manipulators, jugglers, people doing nothing more than madly flailing their arms, all kinds of crazy. I always feel at home when I'm in a slew of people grooving to a common rhythm and getting loose and crazy.


Anyway, we jammed for probably an hour, until the people in charge of the event were like, "Okay, you need to cut it out now and go home. Seriously. Leave. Get out of here." So we did.

The fine folks from Creative Motion were there. I have bumped elbows with them a few times, but because they live in Dallas, I don't get to be involved with them as often as I'd like. HOWEVER. They were all like, "OH HAY YOU WERE HOOPING ON STAGE YOU ARE AWESOME WILL YOU JOIN US HERE IS THE E-MAIL ADDRESS TO JOIN US BY THE WAY YOU SHOULD JOIN US WE NEED HOOOOOOOOPS" and how can you refuse an offer like that? So I didn't, I have e-mailed them and am anxiously waiting official membership into their circus lovin' ranks and perhaps instructions for my first circus-y assignment. Which will hopefully involve hanging out and hooping with them. Honestly, I have only the vaguest of ideas of what they do, but it all seems awesome and I am jazzed about the new opportunity, especially as I was just lamenting how crappy I'd become at keeping up local contacts in the crazy flow toy world.

OH. I finished Join Me last night

Book 26/30 - Join Me by Danny Wallace

And it was fantastic and I would talk about it but I pretty much already have. Oh, hey, you should go listen to the Official "Join Me" Song! Because it's great. I forced Brandy and Ernest to listen to it, I think they just wanted me to leave, but I didn't, because there was a SONG ON.

Anyway, I probably won't make it to thirty books by the end of the year, but considering my goal this year was to read more, and read at least fifteen books, I think I've done a pretty bang up job! I would say my streak of non-reading is officially over.

I don't know that I have anything to update about so I'm DONE HERE.

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