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I just got Join Me by Danny Wallace in the mail!!


So I don't think I posted it to my lj, but I put all of the books I have yet to read in alphabetical order and told myself I would only read them in that order and any new books I got after that I would put behind this pile, also in alphabetical order, to read once I'm done with the ones I've already got.

I'm making an exception for Join Me, because Danny Wallace is effing brilliant and I want to read something effing brilliant right now.

Danny Wallace is the dude who also wrote Yes Man (which later became a movie), which I was interested in reading but only became increasingly more excited about reading when I found out two things: A) It actually happened, to Danny Wallace, who decided to say yes to EVERYTHING and then wrote about it, and B) That Danny Wallace is BRITISH. And HILARIOUS. Hilarity is always multiplied by a pretty big number when the hilarious person turns out to be British. Trust me on this.

I loved Yes Man so much that even though that's the only of his books I've read, I deemed Danny Wallace one of my Very Favorite Authors and promptly put everything he'd ever written on my wishlist on Paperback Swap.

It took FOREVER but someone finally had a copy of Join Me for me, which is a book he wrote about a cult he inadvertently started. AMAZING. I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT.

I love Danny Wallace because his books are about crazy things he did on random whims, and how they turned into something greater and more awesome than he could have ever hoped. They are REAL STORIES about a CRAZY GUY. I love it to pieces. I kind of want to meet this man.

Book 24/30 - Let it Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle

I had to read this book because John Green was involved in it. I'd seen it on the bookshelves and kept picking it up and putting it back down, because it looked like an excuse to sell a book, and I guess it kind of is. But what I didn't realize about it was how long each author's individual stories were, and how each of those stories, despite being about different people, were all interconnected. I love it when things interconnect, even slightly, so I found this FANTASTIC and I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly. Now I need to read more Lauren Myracle.

Book 25/30 - Lamb by Christopher Moore

sparkly_aria has been telling me FOREVER to read this book and I finally did. I really enjoyed the other Christopher Moore book I've read in the past, but this one was really different. For one thing, despite being a comedy, it was a lot more serious than I'd expected it to be. For another, it was pretty accurate to the actual events of the Bible, the ones that were actually IN the Bible, of course. And even though you know how the story of Jesus ends, there was still a twist I was not expecting at the end. So kudos on Mr. Moore for that!

I am currently in the middle of: Wicked, which is taking forever but a good read, The Artist's Way, which I won't be finished with until next year because it's the sort of book you work through rather than reading through, and 7th Son: Decent, which I bought when it came out to support JC Hutchins and haven't finished because I already listened to the podcast. I hear he's changed a lot in the print version, though, so I do indeed want to finish it!

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