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Chandler Nash and the Jingle Bell Run

The Bella Cullen Project's very own Chandler Nash WON the Battle of the Bands in Ft. Worth, so she got to advance to the finals in Dallas. Which were held at The Club Formerly Known As The Gypsy Tea Room (but is now The Door). So not only did I get to go support Chandler in friggen' Dallas, I got to go to one of my favorite clubs from back in the day even though it's a little different now.

MAN, was that interesting. Brought back a lot of memories, including TMBG and Rasputina, as well as hanging out with Aaron, Anne, Jacob, etc. Miss those days.

Also, brought back memories of NEVER BEING ABLE TO FIND THE FUCKING PLACE. I don't know why it's so tough to get to when I've been there a million times.

Anyway, I got there early enough to talk to Chandler for a while, and I had a terribly revelatory conversation with her wherein I found out that she hates Edward Cullen (!!!) and thinks Twilight is poorly written (!!!) and that the lyrics to "Sexy Vampire" were silly and ridiculous (!!!!) and all sorts of things that we actually totally agree on. Not that she's knocking the BCP's songs, but she realizes they are silly, and I thought it was great to not have to worry about maybe hurting her feelings and we could talk like people who are equally entranced yet appalled by the Twilight phenomenon.

Then, when Ally and Tori showed up, I found out that they were both NERDFIGHTERS. FANTASTIC.

Guys, did you know that the cool way to dance these days is to fling yourself about wildly, like a complete spaz, slinging your arms and legs in every direction and potentially kicking people in the face? Chandler called this "Tae Kwan Dancing". It's kind of amazing and hysterical.

Waited through four "screamo" bands while hanging out with Chandler and her friends. Felt old and kind of awkward, but I felt better since Tori's mom was hanging out with us. These girls are hilarious and adorable and it reminded me so hard of being in high school and going out to a club and people watching. Miss it. MISS IT. Want to do that more often. Where is Aaron? Aaron, we need to go to a fucking concert. I don't care who it is. It can suck. Want to hang out with you and laugh and have a frivolous time. OKAY?

So when Chandler finally went on, she was a) the only girl and b) the only non-"screamo" act and c) freaking amazing. She kicked ass, and sounded fantastic, and I wish her set could have been longer. Also found out that she'll be playing at some coffee shops closer to home, so that will be cool. :)


I've been doing the couch to 5K program for a while now, not even sure. When I started it, I only did it because sparkly_aria was doing it with me and it was her idea, and also because I needed some sort of exercise since I hadn't been doing much other than hooping. I never, ever, ever intended to actually run a 5K.

When I was in elementary school, they used to make us do the Cowtown 10K every year, and it was one of my most miserable memories. I remember hating that thing, hating the practice for it, wanting to die while I was walking it (because I didn't even try to run it, are you kidding?). So running has never really been linked to good things in my brain.

Even when I got to the point in C25K where I was running for 30 minutes three times a week, I still wasn't sure if I wanted to do a whole 5K. But I was intrigued by the Jingle Bell Run, because it's in Downtown Ft. Worth, which is a beautiful city (in my opinion) that holds a lot of memories and good times for me, and also, YOU RUN THE WHOLE THING WITH JINGLE BELLS ON YOUR FEET. Every single runner has JINGLE BELLS on, so everyone is jingling the whole time. Which is pretty awesome. :)

What I didn't realize until I got there is that everyone also dresses up all Christmas-y. Mom tried to tell me, I guess, but I didn't really realize the scope of the dressing up. There were people in all sorts of goofy costumes, running. I've decided that next year I want to run it in a Christmas tutu and stripy tights. BECAUSE COME ON, AWESOME.

ANYWAY. I did it. I ran the whole thing, without stopping to walk at all. And it was actually fun! I felt pretty proud of myself, and as soon as the race was over I went from being proud to wanting to climb into bed and never get out again, and this morning I'm really sore, but it was a lot of fun and I'm glad I did it. Something I never, ever expected I'd be able to do. :)


This post is over now!

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