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New Moon, Hooping, Working, Writing, Etc...

NEW MOON!! So I saw New Moon again with my little sister. It's...still not bad. I think it's just because it's such a pretty movie, and they manage to roll the plot along nicely. For example, the, what is it, two chapters that Bella's on her way from Forks to Volterra, they condense into one lovely five-second shot of a plane flying in the sky. But the actors are all beautiful (even the stupid-looking vampires), the sets are beautiful, the effects are beautiful, and the music is beautiful. And the acting didn't suck that bad this time. All I can say is, Stephenie Meyer really lucked the crap out on getting some skilled people to bring her terrible story to life.

WORK!! Last week I was sick in bed for three days, then I worked sixty hours in seven days, so having a few days to re-cooperate has been fantastic. I am getting back to working out, attempting to clean, writing, getting stuff done, etc. I'm enjoying my job, other than the fact that it takes up so much of my day, it's not bad! I get to work with flowers, which, when they're not stabbing me with their stupid thorns, are quite pretty and forgiving.

HOOPING!! On my lunch break yesterday, I went to a local park to spin the hoops around. I played for maybe forty minutes or so, and when I was wrapping up, some folks came up to me and were like, "That's amazing! We've been watching you, you're incredible!" It's always a boost to me when people are watching me practice and they're still impressed. ;) I gave them my website (which is, by the way!) and told them I teach classes if they were interested, and gave them some info on why big hoops are better than Wal*Mart hoops.

WRITING!! I made it to 25K on my NaNo yesterday! The sad part is it took up the entirety of my evening, almost. I wrote just over 5K to get there. I'm pretty behind, but I'm not worried about not finishing. I just need a few days of hardcore writing to catch up, and I'll be back on track, maybe even finished early! WE'LL SEE.


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