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Forgive me, LJ, it has been so long since my last real post...

So I've noticed something. It used to be that when I had something exciting happen to me, I would post to my LJ about it, and I'd sort of expect this general knowledge dump into my friends' collective brains, given that they would all read my post and therefore automatically know what was Up With Me, so to speak.

Things have changed. I no longer do this with LJ. I now do it with...*gulp*...Twitter*.

WHEN DID I TURN INTO A TWITTER FREAK? I blame John Green. If it weren't for him tweeting about live shows, I would have never had the desire to obsess over Twitter the way I do. Then I added Kevin Smith and Amanda Palmer, and it was all downhill from there. I tweet a lot. A lot.

But my oldest and dearest Internet friend, opaleyes, does not use Twitter. She, in fact, HATES Twitter. So she does not get the collective headdump that everyone else who follows me gets! She has NO CLUE what's going on with me! I have to tell her everything that's going on.

So here's the deal. In an effort to a) get back in touch with my beloved LJ, which I paid a crapton of money to make permanent, and b) keep Nikki and anyone else who abhors Twitter up to date with my VERY EXCITING goings on, I am going to go back through my tweets every day and turn them into an LJ post.


Number one, I went to see the New Moon midnight release with gutterballjen, sparklyaria, and auracel. Now, I go to the midnight releases of these movies because I have the sick compulsion to watch them, they make me laugh, okay??? But if I'm going to pay money to see it, I want to see it in a theater full of a hundred screaming fangirls. It's just more fun that way. I love taking in the crazy. I'M WEIRD, OKAY??

So we doused ourselves in obscene amounts of glitter, donned tiaras and pajama pants, and strutted our way into the theater to watch. (Okay, I strutted, and then auracel told me to stop.)

My shameful admission is that I actually quite liked this movie. I mean, Bella and Edward still have the most dysfunctional relationship in the history of modern literature, and they are still godawfully boring, but the director (NOT the same director as the first movie, THANK GOD) did a good job of translating the book from page to screen without making me want to fall asleep or die from boredom. IMPRESSIVE. Also, Dakota Fanning is a vampire. DID NOT KNOW THAT. I find this awesome.

Last night, I went to go see Chandler Nash, former member of the Bella Cullen Project, in one of her first solo performances. This girl has an awesome voice, I highly recommend checking her out (some of her songs will automatically play when you visit her website, fair warning, same goes for the BCP website).

It was in a battle of the bands setting, so she got to follow some loud, metal-type screaming acts. I found this hilarious, but was also kind of worried for her. She did an awesome job, though, and played two songs I'd never heard before. Plus the other two girls from the BCP were there, singing along with some of the modified BCP songs. In between one of the songs, some dude called out, "You sing really well, just so we're clear." IT WAS SO ADORABLE.

Plus, her mom recognized me from other BCP shows and was really happy I came. She gave me a free cd. It was only three dollars, so I was prepared to actually pay for it and support Chandler, but her mom was like, "No, no, take it! You've been so supportive of her, I saw you joined her mailing list and everything!" Her mom is so freaking sweet. So I got a free cd.

I ALSO got FOUR NEW MOON POSTERS. For free. Because apparently she'd performed at a movie theater for a midnight showing (did not know that, or we would have tried to go to her theater, I'm sure!), and they gave her a bunch of free posters. I'm giving one to my little sister, but the other three are MINE, there's an awesome one of the Volturi. Despite my complete lack of interest in the book Volturi, I really dug Movie Volturi. DAKOTA FANNING. DAKOTA. FANNING.

Okay, that's it, this post is long enough. Will make an effort to post every day again!

*I'm kandigurl on Twitter as well, if you don't already follow me.

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