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Really? I only have one Kevin Smith related icon? Okay. (Not that I don't love the crap out of this one. It's awesome and mrgazpacho made it for me and it's great!)

So Kevin Smith came to Dallas on Saturday and the thing is, because I am entirely devoid of cash monies, I'd resigned myself to not being able to go. "I have all but one of the Evening Withs on DVD," I said to myself. "It can't be much different."

And then my friend Mike (who belongs to one gutterballjen) was like, "Oh hey, I can't go, you want my ticket? Also there's a meet and greet." And I was like, "................UM YES."

So I went with Mike's brothers, and here's the thing, I freaking love Kevin Smith and he was fantastic and wonderful and hilarious and he talked for three hours and if I wasn't dying of hunger I could have easily listened to him talk for another three hours. And I love him. And all I wanted to do at the meet and greet was giving him a big fucking hug for being so awesome.

SO I TOTALLY DID. I was like, "I HAVE NO CAMERA I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU." (Now I really wish I had brought my camera with me, but when I go to House of Blues, I don't really like carrying anything and I didn't have any pockets and the point is I totally suck.) And he was like, "OKAY" and he gave me a big huge bear hug and then apologized for sweating on me and I had to refrain from being like "THAT'S OKAY HERE LET ME WIPE YOUR SWEAT OFF ON MY SHIRT AND THEN I WILL JUST NEVER WASH IT EVER AGAIN" because I am sane like that.

And anyway, Kevin Smith is totally adorable and cuddly and he TOTALLY REMEMBERED OUR BRIEF TWITTER CONVERSATION. I was like, "I don't know if you remember but you asked on Twitter about the British Office and Tim's note to Dawn," and he was like, "Oh, man, that was you? You totally helped us out!" And then he OFFERED ME HIS HAND FOR A HIGH FIVE and I GRACIOUSLY HIGH-FIVED THE MAN. And then he said how crazy it was to meet people on the Internet and then meet them in real life and the point of this story is KEVIN SMITH AND I ARE BEST FRIENDS AND THAT IS JUST HOW IT IS NOW YOU GUYS.

In other news, I took a bye week on therealljidol even though the topic was really "easy" this week, and I'm really behind on NaNo, but I just bought some TimTams from the store I work at now and I'm TOTALLY HAVING A TIMTAM SLAM WHEN I HIT 10K.

Okay, I'm turning off capslock and going to bed.

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