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A Post About LIFE, Because I Do That Sometimes (And By LIFE I Mean Animal Crossing)

So as you all know, it's the Acorn Festival in Animal Crossing right now. And if you don't know, it's probably because you're out doing more interesting things with your life than being obsessed with a stupid DS game. That's okay. I forgive you.

I had a nightmare about the Acorn Festival the night before it actually started. I think it's a testament to how unfortunate my Animal Crossing obsession has become*. I dreamed that Tortimer had gone crazy and transformed the town into a scary, reality-shifting carnival of terror, and the only place I was safe was in the confines of my in-game home. And even then, the weird shit tried to get me.

It didn't help that when I turned on the game to play, Tortimer was wearing this fucking acorn mask and cackling creepily whenever I talked to him.

So you can imagine how traumatizing it was the following day to read this, linked via Twitter by auracel. I read the entire thing after getting home from work, feeling kind of light headed and pretty hungry, and in generally funky head space. Needless to say, I dreaded going to sleep last night a little more than usual**.

*Also the fact that this isn't the first Animal Crossing nightmare I've had. I had another one when I was worried I might never get my golden slingshot.

**I didn't have any weird Animal Crossing dreams last night. Also, my town doesn't have very many acorns in it because I replaced all of the trees with fruit trees. I AM SEEING THE ERROR OF MY WAYS NOW.

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