Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Most horrifically surreal moment of the new year.

I had just spent the evening with Drew and his friend Anne in downtown Ft. Worth. I was driving myself home, and I decided to take thirty because my car was acting up and it was the highway closest to the parking garage. The ramp to thirty is curved, so you can't see the road until you're right there.

The traffic is bumper to bumper.

So I'm thinking, "Great. Some moron was out drinking and driving and now I have to sit in traffic because of it." I really hate onlooker traffic. In fact, I make it a point not to slow down and stare at accidents just to help speed up the onlooker traffic because I think it's stupid. So I was rather annoyed at the state of affairs.

As the traffic approached where the accident was, they had shut down the highway to just one lane. More annoyance.

As we got closer, I could see a cop car with his lights flashing. Irritating.

Closer still and I could see smoke. Man, I thought, this must have been one hella accident.

The cones on the highway ended up leading us to the Beach street exit. I can see the bridge for Beach street that goes over the highway. The cones don't let us go under the bridge, they force us to exit. From this side, it looks like anything could have happened, maybe an eighteen wheeler crashed or something, because there are billowing clouds of smoke encompassing the ENTIRE bridge, and huge lights shining on it in the darkness. Even from this side it looks creepy.

So I take the exit, and as I come around the other side, I see what's causing all the traffic. Six giant cranes are tearing apart the bridge. It's so weird that I have to slow down and roll my window down. Seeing the huge football field-esque lights shining on the billowing smoke, seeing the gaping hole in the bridge, and hearing the clanking of the cranes all at once was insanely creepy in a way I can't exactly describe.

Anyway, it really freaked me out.

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