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First of all, oh man thanks so much to everyone who has donated their dollars so far. You guys are so incredibly amazing it is unbelievable. Thanks to everyone who's sent their well-wishes, too. I totally understand times are tough (otherwise I would not be asking for your money!) and I appreciate your taking the time to give me virtual good vibes. :)

So here's how this is going to work today! A while back on Twitter, I asked for people to provide me with 50 nouns. I took those nouns and made sentences out of them, and then I made paragraphs out of the sentences, and I kind of got a small skeleton idea for a story. Maybe more of an amoeba idea for a story. Okay, so what I have is ideas for characters and I'm just going to throw them in together and see what happens. Also, I'll tell you right now that I've been reading a lot of David Levithan lately, so that may become evident as I kind of want to play with non-fantasy YA.

If you've donated, I'm going to try to work your name into the story somewhere (someone requested a poem, and I'm TOTALLY going to accept the challenge of working in a poem in as well). Updates will be posted hourly, or whenever I decide to take a break.

Keep in mind this is all going to be WAY rough draft stuff. If you're sticking with me and reading as I write, feel free to edit or beta or what have you in comments. I probably won't have time to read the comments today. But I probably will anyway because I'm a huge procrastinator and that's how I roll. I'm procrastinating right now by making this post!

So here's how things currently stand:

200.61 / 500 dollars for rent. 40% there!

0 / 20061 words. 0% done!

These progress meters will go at the top of every progress post. The word count will (hopefully) change as more donations come in, but for now, my goal is 20,061 words. The most I've written in one day is around 10K-12K, so this should be an EXCITING ADVENTURE! And you can still donate to "chewbobington at gmail dot com", and tell folks who may have a dollar or two to spare that they can as well, and that by donating to me, you are not only helping me stay in my apartment, you are also helping to torment me on this day of writing hell. HOORAY!

Okay, enough chatter. Let's get writing.

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