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So I finally bought myself a copy of Wreck This Journal, which I have been looking at for at least a year if not more (I think probably more). I am having the best freaking time with it.

Here's the premise of it: The journal is full of nothing but prompts on ways to completely destroy it. If you do them all, you will put the journal through more than probably anyone would feel comfortable putting a typical book through. I think the idea is brilliant! To force yourself out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to destroy something for the sake of destruction, dare yourself to be okay with it getting ruined, pieces getting lost, creations falling apart and becoming unrecognizable as you follow more and more of the instructions.

I got the book four days ago. I started with the least heartbreaking things, writing my name in the various ways it instructed, and adding my own page numbers. (I would have done this anyway. I do it to regular blank journals almost first thing, so this wasn't too tough for me, in fact, it made me feel more comfortable with the book.)

The next instruction I forced myself to follow was to crack the spine. Maybe I don't know how to crack spines correctly, but I couldn't do it. Not that I didn't want to, I couldn't physically do it. So instead, I opened every page the way that usually makes me wig out like a crazy person if anyone does it to my books: I folded the cover back. On every page.

But I hadn't really done anything to the pages yet. I'd scribbled a few notes on the experience thus far (figuring if the thing's a journal, what better thing to journal about in it than its own destruction?), but I hadn't tormented or abused a single page. So the next day, I flipped to a page I figured I could deal with, one that instructed me to poke holes in it with a pencil (and even provided me specific places to poke). Easy peasy.

It was amazing. I poked all the indicated holes, and then decided that wasn't enough. I poked more holes. Then I decided, why should I be limited to a pencil? And I poked a few holes with a pink pen. And then I wrote about it.

Since then, over the course of the past four days, I have burned it, ripped it, stapled it, used it as a napkin, chewed on it, licked it, tied a string to it and swung it around, thrown it at walls, thrown it from high places, turned it into a paper chain, showered with it, dripped hair dye on it, traced on it, scribbled on it, had someone else take a bite out of it, glued things to it, doused it with perfume, made confessions to it, dog-eared pages, slept with it, written on the edges, and plotted ways to destroy it that aren't even in the book.

And I'm not even halfway through all of the prompts. I don't even think I'm a third of the way through the prompts!

It's amazing how much creativity can come from pushing yourself outside of what you're used to and trying something different. I've certainly never showered with a book before. Nor have I had as much fun as I had tossing it over the ledge at gutterballjen's apartment.

If you feel creatively stuck, or just want to do something ridiculous and goofy and make people wonder why on earth you would pay for something you're just going to destroy, I highly recommend picking it up. It's the most kid-like fun I've had in a good long while. :)
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