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Anne came over and chilled. We and my mother played "Phrenabble", which is a game in which you play Scrabble, only you don't use real words, but you make up words that are phonetically pronouncable. We then defined said words. We invented 48 new words which are listed

1. Ahoole - (n) Celtic: the inexplicable fear of ceiling fans.

2. Aof - (n) An Aesop groupie.

3. Arerure - (n/v) Arabic: when you're at a hockey game and your team scores a goal but it is taken away on account of some penalty and you yell; the yell is an arerure. The act of yelling is areruring.

4. Aun - (n) English: the state of being scared of the dentist experience.

5. Baamoos - (n) Old English: Sheep and cow noises, rare because most animals make one or the other.

6. Bafijawe - (Ex) African: An exclamation of joy from finding a dollar bill in the back pocket of your jeans.

7. Bhyogiie - (n) Yiddish: A person who yodels at inappropriate moments.

8. Caltida - (n) Latin: Virus caused by eating too many marshmallows.

9. Digice - (adj) Icelandic: refers to fingers or toes that are extremely cold.

10. Digicen - (n) German: gloves to treat digice.

11. Drilocy - (n) The state of going insane from reading Draco/the-third-knight-to-the-right-in-the-Hogwarts-hallway fanfic.

12. Ed - (n) American: The chocolate smear left on your face after eating something chocolate-y.

13. Ederkeg - (n) Irish: the container that holds exencola.

14. Enstig - (adv) German: The state of wanting a beverage.

15. Erefan - (n) English: a fiber developed by the government made out of full soup cans and bubble gum cigarettes. It can deflect nuclear bombs. It is very rare.

16. Exencola - (n) An Italian experience wherin one mixes coca-cola, sprite, butterscotch and dog spit. A delecacy.

17. Fasid - (adj) Ethiopian: Too giraffe-y.

18. Ie - (n) when a child spits on your face; the spittle.

19. Iwamuiee - (v) African: to sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

20. Li - (n) the crumbs left on your face after eating something crumb-y.

21. Natersst - (adv) installing a fan and having two blades be mahogony and two brown and later profoundly regretting it, and/or getting a tattoo and later profoundly regretting it.

22. Neh - (ex) Ebonics: when you wake up and see a large paper model of the human intestinal system.

23. Norrnflo - (n) Yiddish: Soda that gets inside the rim of a can that gets sticky and gross.

24. Oeip - (ex) Yiddish: Oy TO TEH EXTREEM!!!!!!!111

25. Phrul - (v) universal, Speaking in baby talk or toddlerese: My toddler started phruling.

26. Plih - (n) Slovakian: when you're ice skating - the ice shard sludge produced.

27. Poonmou - (n) Hawaiian: an instant of gender indentity crisis.

28. Psiet - (adj) French: Something horribly appalling.

29. Pundevog - (n) Sweedish: Ear envy, or someone who eats ears.

30. Qu - (n) Spanish: A really long nose.

31. Queid - (adj) really, really slimy.

32. Ro - (n) The Egyptian god of Scooby Doo saying "yo".

33. Shuby - (n) A snail with a cold.

34. Siu - (n) Tanzanian: An EXTREEM state of existance, for example, when a bully is about to beat you up, you are EXTREEMLY aware of his existance at that moment. At that moment you may not be so immediately aware of the Dhali Llama - in theory, he exists, but HE is not about to beat the crap out of you.

35. Sogidi - (n) basket that you use to carry decapitated heads away from a guillotine.

36. Synapee - (n) Native American: A brain fart.

37. Ta - (n) Phrulese: the chip residue left on your fingers from chip flavoring.

38. Tarntoe - (v) Slovakian: When you have to go to the bathroom really bad.

39. Tobie - (n) A buoy who's light has depleted.

40. Tobix - (n) Derivitave of "tobie": a person who's light has gone off. IE: really stupid.

41. Ubikeat - (n) Usbeckie: A very distinct smell produced when a skunk is run over and then urinated on by a platypus.

42. Vazronst - (Imperitave) German: Hurry up really quickly or I'll summon up hordes of ethnic people to steal your pony and kick your fanny with steel toed boots.

43. Vilzout - (adj) German: Someone who has had too much pudding.

44. Weatuh - (v) Cherokee: What you do when you don't really know how to dance but you think you do.

45. Wrocin - (adj) German: Adjective describing Germans describing things that are cool.

46. Xailevmin - (n) Innit: A person commenting on the coolness of a German commenting on the coolness of something.

47. Xq - (ex) penguins screaming upon finding that they have ingrown toenails.

48. Zajift - (n) Farsie: A deadly sand drift.

Your homework is to use one of these words in a sentance every day for the rest of your life.

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