Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Talk of HoopsHoopsHoops*

So last night, I said to myself, "Self, you have all of the supplies to make yourself a kickin' 36" hoop, why don't you freaking do it?" And I replied with, "You're right."

So I made myself a 36" diameter hoop, which is the smallest hoop I have ever made and, aside from goofing off with my minis, the smallest hoop I've ever danced with. I am really digging it! It's crazy, because I expected it to be a lot tougher to adapt to the quicker hoop. But ever since the Hoop Path Retreat, I've been feeling that all of my hoops are too big and dragging too slowly. Mostly, I wanted a smaller hoop so I could work on cleaner breaks and reversals as well as smoothing out my hand hooping.

For reference: All of my hoops up until now have been between 42" and 48" in diameter. So that's, at minimum, a 6" reduction. I'm pleased with how smoothly I'm able to play with it, I think I've just been in a small hoop frame of mind and my brain is already used to hooping with the thing.

IT LOOKS SO TINY. IT'S KIND OF ADORABLE. I think I want to make another one so I can have a set of small twins and practice double hoops with them.

Here's a video of Baxter doing some clean breaks/reversals, in case you don't know what I'm talking about. He told us that this is the first video his mother actually watched of his hooping, and she said, "It looks like you're having a fit." :)

*Hahaha, I'm typing this post on drninja's MacBook, and I originally titled the post "Talk of Hoops", and somehow between typing that and actually posting, it turned into "Talk of HoopsHoopsHoops". Which I kind of like, so I'm leaving it.

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