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Sorting (or, nerdy HP fandom stuff that you may want to skip if you don't nerd this way)

Okay, so my sorting post. I've been thinking a lot about sorting and sorting comms and their dynamics vs. canon sorting, stuff like that. But mostly I've been thinking about my own sorting, and how I've changed as a person since I was sorted into Hufflepuff at H_E.

For comparison's sake, here are the two applications:

Hogwarts Elite, Sorted: Hufflepuff, stamped 02-14-05
Hogwarts is Home, Sorted: Slytherin, stamped 06-08-09

Dang, it has been MORE than four years since I was sorted at H_E. CRAZY. That community has changed my life, I'll tell you that right now, friends.

Anyway, if you look at the two applications, you can tell that I am almost a completely different person between then and now. And while I still identify with Hufflepuff, I can see where the different sorts were coming from. What I was not expecting when I submitted my application, however, was how evenly spread my votes among the different houses were. See for yourself; the number of votes I got for each house:

Gryffindor: 25
Hufflepuff: 22
Ravenclaw: 23
Slytherin: 28

I was honestly pretty floored by this. I mean, I got voted a Slytherin by a margin of THREE votes! And I had the least amount of Hufflepuff votes. Crazy.

One thing that struck me as odd was the lack of "claiming". In H_E, houses are quick to claim their own (ESPECIALLY Slytherin!). The only house that really made any claim on me was Ravenclaw. Another surprising thing was that the majority of my Slytherin votes came from Hufflepuffs! I got TWELVE snake votes from Puffs. Without the Hufflepuffs, I probably would have ended up in Gryffindor.

I have to admit I was a little hurt by the lack of claiming on the Hufflepuff front. I thought for sure the Puffs would smell their own in me. A lot of other houses pegged me as a Hufflepuff, and usually when they did, they gave reasons for it that were dead on, and that made me smile.

So at first, I was a little panicked by all the Slytherin votes. And then I started to warm up to the idea. In H_E, anyway, the Slytherins are akin to the "cool kids", the mysterious badasses that hang out after school and make trouble, but everyone wants to be them. You know? I'm not sure how different the dynamic is at HiH, though. It seems a lot of H_E members are in Slytherin over there, which makes me wonder if the fact that we're FROM H_E is almost enough to sort into Slytherin in HiH. In H_E, we're quite picky about our applicants, and reading tons of applications and knowing the difference between a "quality" app and a flat out squib means that we've got a heightened advantage when it comes to then filling out a new application. Someone in HiH actually told me they were nervous to read my application because it was so long! That kind of surprised me. But the point is, perhaps being a good application filler-outer makes people think snake? Who knows. Just a theory.

The even spread of houses did make me happy in a way, though, because one of the things I've been striving for since 2009 began is balance. Balance in every aspect of my life. Balance is a very difficult thing to achieve, but these votes bolstered my confidence that I'm doing a good job, or at least a satisfactory job. Much of the time, if votes are all over the place it's because the application is all over the place, and the end result is a squib because no one can get a really good vibe of the applicant. However, I was not getting "all over the place" comments. Rather, I got several "well-balanced" comments, and many comments about how I had a good spread of all the houses. Looking back at my app, I can see how several of my answers could have pointed to one particular house. In fact, even as I wrote it, I thought, "Oh, this is a Clawish answer. Hmm, this answer makes me sound like a Gryffindor. I wonder if people will think I belong in Slytherin because of this answer."

But in the end, my "top five attributes" were very Puffish, and that's because I AM very Puffish, so I'm still a little surprised by how few Puff votes I got (comparatively speaking). Still, I'm kind of excited to explore aspects of myself from a different house, and how my strong Hufflepuff side will affect my role in the Slytherin common room.

Oh, and for the second time in my sorting history, I submitted an application that received absolutely no "squib" (or "muggle") votes. *gloats* :)

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