Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

On vacation!

Posting from a hotel room computer! I love posting from unique places. The chair I'm sitting in is quite uncomfortable, though (way too high up for this desk). Mom and I drove to Cincinnati last night, then to Cleveland today, where we met up with our friend Clarice and spent the day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . (AUGH, THIS KEYBOARD IS INFURIATING!) I'm not sure what I expected out of the museum, but I had a BLAST. We stayed there practically all day.

We also noticed a very strange phenomenon about the city of Cleveland. If anyone sees you taking a picture of yourself in front of some sort of attraction, they will stop and offer to take it for you. This happened THREE TIMES, and we were only out and about for a few hours! Not to be believed.

I've been bonding like crazy with Twitter, and Tweeting this trip like mad. I'm kandigurl on Twitter, too, if you're not already following me. I worry that I might be getting to that obnoxious Tweet level. If I am, somebody please let me know! It's nice when I can't get to lj, though.

Tomorrow is CEDAR POINT. To say I am pumped is an understatement, I am UNSPEAKABLY PUMPED. And we have Clarice with us! A Cedar Point virgin! I can't wait to watch her face as we go in, wander around, show her the rides, it will be AMAZING. OH, and since we're going three days this year, my mom's decided it would be cheaper for us to buy season passes. I'm pretty excited about having a Cedar Point season pass to take home with me!

Oh, and I've decided to apply at Hogwarts is Home, just for the thrill of being sorted again. The results are pretty freaking intriguing. Once the sorting's over, I will talk about it more in depth, but for now, let me just say I LOVE getting sorted by obsessive, analytical HP nerds. I wish I could do it every day. Or at least once a year. That would be fun.

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