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Book 13/15, Boobs, Epic H_E Meetup of WIN.

Book 13/15 - The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler

I read this one pretty quickly and was kind of surprised by how much I ended up liking it. It's a fat girl book, and for a while I feared it would be one of those fat girl develops an eating disorder book, but then it turned into a fat girl gets an eyebrow ring and dyes her hair purple and becomes more confident in her body image book and that made me much happier. So this book gets the thumbs up!

** ** **

I figured I would explain the semi-cryptic boob tweet I made yesterday, regarding how I hate it when I get catcalled on the street, but I don't mind it at Scarborough Faire. What happened was this: I was all dressed up in my garb, and Megan and I were taking separate cars since I had to leave early to go to my hoop meetup (which I guess ended up canceled, because next to nobody came!). Well, driving down the road, this truck pulls up next to me and starts honking his horn. I drive with my windows down because I don't believe in air conditioning in the car (and also I guess I am a masochist). I turned to see what all the honking was about, and this dude also has his windows down, and he makes this gesture indicating that perhaps I had something in my car that he would very much like to squeeze. So I switched lanes and sped up.

And then I was thinking, "Well, what makes that different from being at Scarby and having rennie dudes making boobie comments?" I determined that the difference is this: At the ren fair, the dudes are usually in tights or a kilt, and they are using a charming accent or rennie speak, IE, "A fine view it is, mi lady!" or something like that. So, men of the world, there is the solution. Honking and lude gestures, out. Tights or kilts and funny accents, in. GO FORTH AND SPREAD THE WORD.

** ** **

On Sunday, I went to an H_E meetup at unbeguiled's house, a gathering of all the usual Dallas H_E suspects including shouldknobetter, pikacharma, and this time, a visiting from Wisconsin ambellina who was an awesome addition and can we have her every time, plz? (I swear one of these meetups I'll actually show up sooner than five hours in.) Our plan was to eat delicious food and watch movies. I mentioned the Rifftrax for Twilight* existed, and OH, how the downloading began.

Before we commenced the hilarity that is the MST3K crew mocking Stephenie Meyer's masterpiece on film, shouldknobetter mentioned cake one too many times, and that sent us on a field trip from which we returned with two kinds of angel food cake, a red velvet cake, cinnamon rolls, and a piece of pumpkin pie.

But before we could even begin to dig in to the sweet, sugary goodness, we received a tweet from foxymsmoxie, who had missed her connecting flight in Dallas due to her previous flight landing late. Using the power of our combined H_E awesomeness, she managed to get a flight out for the next morning and we picked her up from the airport and then we all SQUEED LIKE FREAKING LUNATICS and had the best time ever. I think that random H_E members should show up in Dallas all the dang time.

*Guys, this is seriously one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. I've gotten to see it twice in the past week, and it is so epically fantastic I would gladly watch it a lot more. If you love MST3K and you love making fun of Twilight, you will FUCKING ADORE this Rifftrax.

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