Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Another Idea, This One Involves a WiiFit!

Okay, I've lost my WiiFit steam. I know at least a few of you guys have a WiiFit, too, and I had an idea for a challenge. If we were all WiiFitting together, we could make challenges to each other, for example: Set up a workout for everyone to do. You can be nice and keep it simple, or you can be mean and really push everyone to work. Anyone that completes the workout for that day gets a point, and then you can save up points to opt out of a day without penalty, or to bump up your place in line for posting the next workout.

Thoughts? Feedback? I find I do everything better if I know there's other people out there doing it with me, or other folks to hold me at least semi-accountable, so if anyone would like to do some hardcore WiiFitting, that would be awesome. :)

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