Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Humans as art

So, I'm sure I've posted about this idea before, but it's wiggled its way into my brain again and I'm kind of interested in doing it as a project, with lots of people around the Internet. I've been watching a lot of makeup how-to videos on YouTube (because I am makeup-tarded and never wear it out of a combination of laziness and lack of actually owning very much, and also a slight fear of everyone who deals with me on a regular basis being startled by it). I've also been going through the archives of the gothdolls community, and thinking.

I think manningkrull once said that he likes to think of himself as walking art work, he presents himself specifically to be noticed. He mentioned this once in a post where he actually dressed down for a change, took out all his piercings and put on normal clothes, and commented on how strange it was to have people not looking at him.

Anyway, I'm kind of interested in the idea of treating your own body as a work of art, creating an artistic experience through hair, makeup and clothing. I don't get dolled up all that often, but I like the idea of overdoing it on purpose, just for fun. I think it would be an interesting thirty day project: Create a different "work of art" using yourself as the canvas, then go out in public somewhere for a little while and see how it is received.

I'm both excited and terrified by the idea, as I never really do anything way out there. My hair is pink, but other than that, I never wear makeup and I'm usually clad in jeans and a t-shirt. Part of the challenge for me would be coming up with ways to use what I have and turn it into art, the other part would be actually forcing myself to leave my house.

So there's that, just throwing that out there...anyone done anything like this before? Would you want to do it with me? Any ideas of your own? I'm still not sure if I want to do it, but I do love the idea.

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