Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Wedding and Flow

I want to post about Nikki's wedding, but I want to wait until I have the pictures uploaded so I can give the full experience. I had such a great time and met such awesome people. Nikki has good taste in humans!

I'm catching up with YouTube and I've fallen into watching videos from the Flow hoop gathering in Oregon the weekend before last. I resigned myself to not going because 1) expensive, 2) far, 3) I'm going to Hoop Camp and pretty much everyone that went to Flow is going to Hoop Camp as well.

But I watched this video:

And it kind of made me hiccup with jealousy because this camera is just moving from one incredible hooper to the next, these people I watch on YouTube and go "Man, why can't I be like them?", and they are all in the same room. Watching these videos is making me wish I went, that I'd found the money for it and found a way to get there. Ugh. AUGUST IS SO FAR AWAY. I think I need to go to at least one day of the Hoop Path retreat in Austin on May 9th (can't go to the second day because 1) I'm teaching that afternoon and 2) I'm seeing RENT with Vanessa and THE ORIGINAL MARK AND ROGER that evening, so no way I'm missing that, even for Baxter). I desperately want to be around great hoopers. I love going to the hoop gatherings on Mondays, it's awesome getting to be around people as excited about hooping as I am (and we've been getting some REALLY big groups out there lately!), but I want to spend some time around those folks that live and breathe it, in the hopes that some of their awesome will rub off on me. If that makes any kind of sense.

ALSKDJFLAKJDFLSD ANYWAY, what I'm saying is why the hell didn't I just go to Oregon. Sheesh.

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