Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Book 9 & 10/15 - Choke & Girl, Interrupted. Plus Scarborough & Nickelback.

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk: Good but kind of icky to read, descriptions of gross things (like snot) made this a tough one to read while eating. But now I can see the movie!

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen: Liked this one better, a really, really quick read. Clarice lent me the movie so I figured I'd read the book since it was based on the true life events of a girl in a loony bin in the sixties. Pretty interesting. TWO THUMBS UP.

Went to Scarborough Faire with auracel, had a lot of fun! I brought my hoop with me and played a little bit. Megan, if you don't mind and we get a chance, I'd like to upload the video you took of me with the Uber Hoop to my YouTube account! Went with Adam, a friend of Megan's who'd never been. It's always exciting to see Scarby through a newbie's eyes!

On Saturday, I got to take my little sister to see Nickelback for her birthday. Listen, guys, I know Nickelback gets a lot of crap spoken of them but here's the deal: I AM FOND OF NICKELBACK, OKAY?? I like their music, and I was wildly impressed by the caliber of the show they put on. Lots of awesome pyrotechnics and loud yellings. The energy of the crowd was pretty sweet, too. It was also kind of great, because when we got there, it was raining, so we spent the first part of the show all sopping wet, and since we had lawn seats, we got to stand wherever the crap we wanted (on the lawn) and bump into people and stuff. (Not that we did. But we could have.)

I really like that venue, I've been seeing shows there since it was the Starplex (not even the Coca Cola Starplex, but just the Starplex Ampitheater), and I've always loved the feel of the place. Being on the lawn gives you that small venue vibe in a big venue place, but it's not too big, like a stadium. Plus it's in the open air, which makes it feel all festival-like.

Anyway, the show kicked ass, Nickelback puts on a hell of a show, and at the end, before the encore, everyone held up their lighters. They did the encore the right way. Dudes, I can't tell you how many concerts I've been to where the crowd screwed up the encore, but this was perfect, hundreds upon hundreds of lighters in the air. It made me wish I'd brought one. I hate the whole "oh, it's a non-smoking venue so no one has lighters, everyone hold up your cell phones instead!" NO. I REFUSE TO HOLD UP MY CELL PHONE. THAT IS RETARDED.

I guess my point is I had a kick ass time, and I wouldn't mind seeing Nickelback live again.

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