Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Dear Livejournal

I hate April Fools, and YOU DON'T GET AN EXEMPTION. Don't freaking scare me like that. Man alive.

EDIT: You're lucky Google knows how to prank the right way. I feel a little better about life.

I hate April Fools because a) I am gullible and easy to prank since my normal state of being is to trust everyone and since I'm used to being around honest people, I don't see why anyone would have any reason to lie to me, b) I am forgetful so even though I may be aware at one moment that it's April Fools and I should be on the lookout for jokes, I forget the very next minute and I get fooled every time, and c) I don't think mean pranks that make people feel worried, scared, or panicked, are funny. I think they are mean.

If you love me, don't prank me. If you prank me, I hate you.

But I'm still happy about the hoop classes. IF I CAN JUST MAKE IT THROUGH APRIL FOOLS DAY. Holy balls.

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