Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
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Book 8/15 - Water For Elephants.

Hopefully my posts aren't going to become nothing but book updates. They may become nothing but hooping, though, just warning you now. :)

Water For Elephants was wonderful. Once I got into it, I really loved the story and the characters, and how well researched and fleshed out the story was. I can't believe it was once a NaNo novel. I want to say they interviewed the author for Wrimo Radio at one point...*searches*...Yes! Here! And it's being made into a movie! I was thinking the whole time that this would make a great movie, except there are parts that I know I wouldn't be able to watch. At least I know about them in advance!

This Friday, I got to go to a free hoop class held by Julia of Sassy Hoops. I had a blast. It was really cool to watch a whole room of people picking up a hoop for the first time and watching them go from knowing nothing to walking around the room, turning with the hoop, and learning a trick or two in just one hour. I learned a lot about teaching a class that seem obvious now but I didn't even consider when trying to come up with a lesson plan (warm-up and cool down stretches, DUH), and Julia was incredibly sweet and encouraging about me getting out there and teaching my own classes. I was tempted to sign up to take the rest of the class with her, but it's an hour away, so that's a lot of driving and gas money on top of the class fees.

So now I'm working on putting together a class proposal to take to rec and fitness centers. My mom talked to a rec center in Hurst and they said they needed one to consider any class (something else that should be obvious but I didn't think of). I'm not entirely sure what a class proposal entails, so I figure I'll write up some ideas for what the classes will cover and a little bit about hooping itself, and print them up, then take them out. It should be exciting. :) Ideally, I'd like to teach as many classes as I can, but I'll have to figure out the best way to do that. (Can I teach more than once a week at a given center? Will centers let me teach at other centers on different days, so that I can offer classes in more locations?) We'll see. But I'm excited. :)

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