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So apparently not being in front of a computer for eight hours a day makes it tough for me to do Internet stuff. I'm behind on my LJ, my YouTube, and I was never really caught up on Twitter. I think I may just claim defeat on Twitter, since I suck at updating it and I suck even more at keeping up with it. I feel like replying to people's Tweets just floods people's friends pages. I'm even sucking at updating my book.

Anyway, I signed up for another SaFire class, Performing. I think it would be a BLAST to perform, I just have no real idea how to go about doing it. What seems the most fun to me is actually burlesque hooping, but I have no idea how to get involved in that. I guess googling burlesque troops in the area would be a good way to do that.

There's also a dance studio Jessie was mentioning to me in Ft. Worth that hires teachers for several different kinds of dance, like bellydancing and stuff. (aishy, might that be the bellydancing studio you go to? What's yours called?) I was thinking of seeing if they need a teacher.

Julia of Sassy Hoops is having a free class at her studio this Friday, and she's invited me to come demonstrate shoulder hooping for her. It's a beginner class, but I'm interested to see what's involved in teaching and how she sets her classes up, so I can put my own class together. She's told me several times that she thinks I'd be a good teacher, and I want to teach, it's just a matter of putting together a class. I had thought of offering free classes at River Legacy, but apparently you need a permit to teach.

I did pick up supplies to make a new batch of hoops to sell. I'm selling collapsible hoops for $25 each if anyone wants one, but if you're not in the area I'd have to charge for shipping (which is pretty ridiculous for hoops, since they're so unwieldy). I'll take pictures of the ones I've got and post them later.

That's about it! Trying to take hooping by the horns best I can.

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