Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Feeling All Weird...

I think I need to eat better. I usually get these self-doubt thoughts when I'm eating a lot of junk. Yoga would help, too. Just a general feeling of I-Could-Be-Doing-Things-Better/Different/Whatever.

In more exciting news, I totally pimped out my tub yesterday. Sort of. See, it was getting pretty nasty and grimy and in desperate need of a scrub down, and the drain was clogging so bad that I'd shower at night and it would still be draining in the morning. Then, when I turned off the shower the last time, the knob cracked in half in my hand. SO. Basically my tub was all kinds of broken.

BUT NO MORE. I went to Lowe's and picked up a new knob, bought some liquid plumber, and scrubbed that business right good. I put on the knob all by myself. I'm a friggen' handyman. Woman. Person. And now it's all shiny and not scary looking anymore and it doesn't take twelve hours to drain. HOORAY!

Of course, I can't be arsed to get the rest of my apartment in such delightful working order, but oh well. The tub is good enough for now.

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