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Okay so I know I just posted very shortly ago, but three minutes ago (according to gmail) an e-mail announcing MARCY PLAYGROUND TOUR DATES appeared in my inbox.

MARCY PLAYGROUND TOUR DATES. WAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. The closest they are coming to me is to Austin for SXSW which honestly, I don't really want to pay the full price for just to see Marcy Playground but YOU GUYS, I MIGHT.

*checks prices*

Okay, I might not, because the cheapest pass appears to be $450 and I do not want to go for the whole thing even though I'm sure it would be an enriching experience, I just want to go to see Marcy Playground. They have not released an album since 2004's "MP3" but they are supposedly releasing a new one soon and guys, I'd be lying if I said I'm not excited about it. I have no idea when the last time they toured is, but I just spent a while trying to learn that information to the point that gmail now tells me it sent the e-mail twelve minutes ago. All I know is that when I joined their e-mail list two years ago, their website essentially implied that they may never record/tour/make music as Marcy Playground ever again, but you can join the e-mail list anyway if you want, so I did just in case, and in that time they've only sent three e-mails including this one.

ANYWAY. Marcy Playground is one of my little known favorite bands, I guess I don't enthuse about them a lot to other people but that's usually because I never expect other people to know who they are. But I have every one of their albums and each one is amazing in its own right for Marcy Playground. They make me feel happy inside. They are one band I love honestly and truly 100% for the music. I can say this because I really know nothing about them beyond their music, other than the dude that writes all the music is named John Wozniak*. I would LOVE to see them live.

I guess the point of this post is that I'm depressed that I won't be able to even though they are totally providing me the option, because other than SXSW which costs a shit ton of money, the closest places they are playing are all over a thousand miles away. THANKS FOR DEPRESSING ME, MARCY PLAYGROUND MAILING LIST.

(It's now been twenty-three minutes since I got the e-mail.)

*Why are so many amazing people named John??

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