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So I finished reading my second book of 2009, Harry, A History, today! (You see how slow I read? It's ridiculous. This is with me trying to read more.) This book is amazing. You absolutely must read it if you are a Potter fan. Nikki sent it to me for Christmas and I am so glad that she did. It made me cry more than once, because I am an enormous nerd, but I'm okay with that because so is the author. Anyway. YES. BOOK TWO. DONE. ENJOYED.

Last night while I was lying around reading it, I thought it would be delightful to have something snacky to snack on. But since my apartment is completely devoid of nutrients, I had to leave to pick up munchables. Unfortunately, something happened while I was in my car driving to acquire snack food. I accidentally came home with this:

OOPS. THAT IS NOT SNACK FOOD AT ALL. IT IS A BOOK. A book by John Green, MY FAVORITE NERDFIGHTER. I went to two different places to find this book. Barnes & Noble did not have it, but it did have John Green's first book, Looking For Alaska, which I did not want to read before I read An Abundance of Katherines. There is actually a really ridiculous logic to this: The John Green book I really want to read is Paper Towns, since he spends most of Brotherhood 2.0 talking about writing/revising it. But I didn't want to read Paper Towns until I'd read his other books. But I didn't want to read Looking For Alaska first because I really liked the title An Abundance of Katherines a lot more than Looking For Alaska. THE END.

So far, I am really enjoying the book. (I cheated on Harry, A History with An Abundance of Katherines, I'M SORRY!) It's wonderfully amusing and nerdy, and also it is SHORT, which I am in favor of considering how long it takes me to read a book. I'm almost halfway through it already, and I've owned it for less than twenty-four hours!

In other news, Joss Whedon's new show "Dollhouse" starts tomorrow. I haven't mentioned it before because, to be honest with you, I'm really quite nervous about it. I've steered clear of spoilers, all I know about it is the basic premise of the show, that Eliza Dushku is in it and her character's name is "Echo", and that it's already being panned by critics. Or, at least, garnering a lukewarm reception from critics. I'm trying not to over-hype my own expectations of the show. I'll watch it with bells on tomorrow (I may, in fact, actually affix bells to my person, I have affixable bells, SO WE'LL SEE), but I'm not getting over-amped that this will be the next Buffy. And I'm also trying to remember that the first season of Buffy was pretty lame until the finale. And that I didn't enjoy Firefly until I'd seen most of it. I need to give Joss a chance to ramp this shit up. My nerves are all a flutter. I'm excited and scared all at once. JOSS FANS, I'M SURE YOU CAN RELATE.

I was going to talk about some other things but this post has gone on long enough, kudos to you if you read it all!

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