Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


My old school is implementing a block schedule. :( :( :(

And did I read that correctly? Bell schedule? Don't tell me there are bells now instead of lights!

My high school had the most ridiculous schedule and system for switching classes. But I loved it. I loved how crazy it was, I loved how explaining it to people who went to "regular school" kind of made them go all cross-eyed, and I loved going through my entire high school experience without hearing a bell ring once.

The school's reasoning? "Many students have struggled to maintain their energy and focus in so many classes, during the school day and while completing homework."

WHAT. THAT IS BULL CRAP. The schedule really isn't grueling. It isn't. I'm sorry. I made it through just fine, and so did craptons of my friends (and even my not-friends!) Kids have been handling this schedule just fine for DECADES. DECADES.

Oh, precious precious alma mater, please stop trying to be more like public schools! *cries*

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