Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Feeling Better

Okay, got over my funk by buying myself some fancy schmancy perfume and hanging out with friends all weekend. Hung out with syntheticjesso, gutterballjen and sparklyaria on Friday evening and we had our own late Christmas. Jesso gave me the roller coaster calendar I couldn't find this year, so I have it fitting right into its spot now! Awesome. :) I got The Veronicas cd I didn't have from Brandy, and Jeni gave me a print out of an awesome origami book that is in the mail. So I got lots of great swag and got to hang out with great people, which is awesome because the restaurant totally screwed up my order and my check but I didn't care on account of the company.

Saturday I hung out with feigned_living, who I met and got along with at the Night of Writing Dangerously during NaNoWriMo. We were supposed to go to Deep Ellum and wander around taking pictures, but we set out late and hit an hour and a half long traffic jam, so we drove around pitifully and decided to just go back to her place and watch movies. I finally got to see Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny (FANTASTIC movie, completely makes up for the vague "meh" I felt from Tropic Thunder), and we watched Commentary, The Musical! on the Dr. Horrible DVD. WHICH IS ALSO FANTASTIC AND OH MY GOODNESS JOSS WHEDON, YOU ARE SUCH A BRILLIANT WRITER. GIFT ME WITH SOME OF YOUR GENIUS. Looking forward to hanging out with Alicia again. :)

Then at home, we watched a whole bunch of How I Met Your Mother. Guys, I'm just going to say this right now, fair warning: I'm pretty sure I'm becoming obsessed with Neil Patrick Harris. Seriously. That guy's awesome. YOU'VE BEEN THUSLY FOREWARNED.

So yeah, work isn't so bad today. I get to order my Burning Man tickets on Wednesday, so I'll at least feel like I'm making steps in a forward direction towards having more fun awesome times!

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