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I didn't take any pictures yesterday, even though I intended to.

Just to clear something up regarding my last post, I don't think the employee cut is "the end of lj" or anything. I just don't like the corporate direction it's headed, that's all. I'm more worried that the place won't be recognizable, not that it won't exist.

ANYWAY. If you guys haven't read MS Paint Adventures, I highly suggest that you do. And start with the Problem Sleuth one, because it goes straight through without a whole bunch of confusing "choices" (and also it's the only one I've read so far, and it's slow going for me because I'm reading it in bits and chunks). Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame kept linking to it and I finally gave in and read it. It gets more and more wonderful with every mouse click. DO IT IF YOU LOVE JOY.

I really don't have a whole bunch else to say! I'm finally slogging through Breaking Dawn (I'm on the home stretch!), and I've got a lot of ideas for Xlormps 3&4. (Nikki, I've decided to do that thing I was hinting obnoxiously to you about in this book, not the fourth one.) I really need to start writing, but I feel compelled to finish BD first. Maybe I should lock myself in my room and just read, because otherwise, picking it up is something akin to torture. Even though it is the most hilarious book of the four. It's just so freaking long.

Fraher made the mistake of asking me if Stephenie Meyer's* writing got worse as the series went on. Poor guy unwittingly unleashed a torrent of Twihate. I can rant about these books for hours. HINT: Don't get me started. I'm not going to do it here because you dudes already know. Or are astonishingly tolerant of me.

*God, could this woman have any more e's in her name???**

**Yes. Her name could be "Stepheenee Meeeeeer".
Tags: bitching, books, comics, livejournal, ranting, twilight

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