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Hancock & Ice

I finally saw Hancock, the super hero movie with Will Smith? I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I can't remember where, but I'd heard some not so great things about it, so my expectations were kind of low. But I TOTALLY, TOTALLY DUG IT. It helps that Will Smith is Always Awesome All the Time.

I would have enjoyed the movie enough as it is just watching Will Smith be a complete jerk with awesome super powers, but then they went and gave him a fucking kick ass backstory. And an epic love story. And a reason for him being the way he is. It could have just been, "Hey, let's laugh at the humor that is a superhero performing some hilarious ass-dickery!" But they went the route of Really Awesome Story. I loved it. The story was so good and unexpected and well done considering they only had the second half of the movie to flesh it out. It was so good, in fact, that I would have been okay with them both dying at the end just because I was so overwhelmed with the awesome of the back story.



So yesterday, it was Icy In Texas! There were ICICLES ON EVERYTHING. Icicles are like bigfoot here. They're so freaking rare. I remember when I was a kid and we visited our relatives in Missouri, and there were icicles bigger than size 17 knitting needles (those are pretty big, if you don't know), and it was the most incredible thing ever. Anyway, ice around here is sort of the closest thing we get to snow sometimes, and it only lasted the one day, so I took a butt ton of pictures of it.


Stop for ice!

I absolutely loved how the ice coated every branch of the trees. It was gorgeous.

I went to the graveyard to see if I could find any icicles hanging off cool gravestones, but our graveyard is fairly modern and there aren't a whole lot of above-ground graves (and the ones we have aren't that awesome). So I took more pictures of trees and stuff.

I went back to the pink flowers because they were so pretty. I took a gazillion shots of them, but I think this is my favorite:

Speaking of pictures, I remembered that something on my pitifully neglected Mission 101 List was to do 26 Things, an interpretive picture taking scavenger hunt. The gist is they give you a list of 26 things to take pictures of during the month, and then you post them at the end and see what everyone else came up with. It's just for fun, but I figured I'd link to it in case anyone else wanted to give it a try! It was down for a long time, but they have a new January list up, just in time for my fancy new camera. :)

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