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2008 In Review

Because if nothing else, I need to do this for marvelous_mail.

JANUARY - Man, I kind of like last year's year in review better than doing an actual one, but I actually want to review this year. I was in a bad place at the end of last year, as I recall. I tried working on digging myself out of the horrible funk I was in, posted a lot of pretentious new year shit, tried writing letters to people, played a lot of Rock Band, became obsessed with Mur Lafferty and began getting a little more serious about writing, lost my phone charger, watched American Idol, was still jazzed about yoga, posted chapters of my NaNo, joined Twitter, was sad about Heath Ledger (I can't believe that was almost a whole year ago), did a lot of memes.

FEBRUARY - Was at level 38 in WoW (I was actually wondering what level I was a year ago, so hooray for that! Incidentally, me of next year, I'm level 56 right now), organized the Lester mix swap project, took back what I said about gaming, continued to write and feel productive, nerded about American Idol, developed a crush on Zac Efron, bought stuff with my tax return, got to see Esak Garcia (a yoga champion), discovered that the Buffy Season 8 comic is actually pretty awesome, bought a Diva Cup (best thing ever), discovered the passive-aggressive notes blog, nerded about fandom, oh man, the Putin song.

MARCH - Did the archives for I Should Be Writing, saw TMBG in concert, nerded about a new Sims expansion pack, got a Facebook, got an Insane Journal, I fell in love with The Veronicas before I even knew who they were, I wigged out about St. Patricks Day, bought some DVDs of movies I already owned, participated in the LJ content strike, found an old high school friend, read a Jodi Picoult book, didn't post a whole lot.

APRIL - Wanted to play DDR again, actually sorted for H_E, bitched about work, worried about swim team, decided to try planning my birthday early, started re-writing Whatever, started knitting Rogue (the downfall of the re-writing process), nerded over Facebook and real life flair, got sick, had my first Mia car hiccup, nerded about Buffy and how it deserves a chance, got all excited about the Buffy Tarot deck, got all excited about text-based adventure games, cried when the electricity in my apartment went out, decided to turn my livejournal into a game but quickly gave up, obsessed over Diablo Cody.

MAY - Saw Josiah Leming in concert, bitched about a girl at work who thought we were best friends, read all of the XKCD archives, apparently Cinco de Mayo is now a recognized American holiday?, turned 24, cried about being an "adult", danced to disco for the first time in a while, got a bad case of The Fats, got irritated with everyone being okay with a particularly stupid wedding, missed the old days of the American Girl company, played WiiFit for the first time, went to the dentist for the first time in at least six years, ended up with thirteen cavities, emptied out my storage shed making me officially moved in to my new apartment, said goodbye to Lisa.

JUNE - Went on vacation to Philadelphia and Cedar Point, thought about working at Cedar Point in '10, ranted some more about obnoxious work chick, discovered I'm an "agamist", began getting my fillings, admitted my loathing of Stephenie Meyer, mourned George Carlin's passing, forced all of my coworkers to eat Ben & Jerry's, put my finger on why I can read some books quickly and others super slow, hated everything when the Buffy Tarot deck got canceled, played some Magic the Gathering.

JULY - First discovered the Bella Cullen Project, wrestled with feelings of inner conflict trying to decide if I liked them or not, got an Etsy shop and put some of my bun covers on it, went to see fireworks and Wall-E, joined PMOG, went to see Harry and the Potters in concert, ZOMG PORTUS, got to meet opaleyes, watched Dr. Horrible and simply adored it, began writing what would later become xlormp, saw Glenn Beck live, decided to try using more than my default icon, posted chapter one of The Most Popular Book in the Whole World, got it its own journal, coached at State Meet, laughed a lot about Twilight, got a whole lot of CDs for wicked cheap.

AUGUST - Crowed when Beedle the Bard knocked Breaking Dawn out of the #1 spot in one day, went to the Breaking Dawn release party and had a fucking blast, got in trouble for excessive tardiness, participated in ontd_twatlight's Twatlympics, was sad about all of the security measures my old high school decided to impliment, wrote a comic with opaleyes, watched my parents' dog for the weekend, watched Michael Phelps kick the shit out of everyone in the Olympics, accepted my eczema with open arms, bought Playing For Keeps, complained about the new H_E term, saw "Bridge to Terabithia" the movie, Pimped Zoe Keating, bug bombed my apartment, went to Six Flags for the first time in forever, worried about Pandora maybe closing.

SEPTEMBER - Made the LJ spotlight for xlormp (!!!!!!!!!), looked up old episodes of "So Weird", bitched about work a little, became a ChaCha guide, discovered hooping (on 9-11, interesting!), decided I'm on Team Jacob, made hoops and hooped a lot, re-discovered the Most Unwanted Song, decided to give up yoga for a while in lieu of hooping, saw Hanson in concert and officially discovered The Veronicas, went out with a really boring guy, re-watched The Office Christmas Special (British), got all nostalgic, called my congressman in defense of Pandora, stressed about my natural inability to get myself up at a sane hour.

OCTOBER - Got pumped for NaNoWriMo, discovered Hoop Camp as well as an enormous desire to go, made my first hooping video, got excited about the new Kevin Smith movie which I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN YET, went to Spin Fest, got all misty-eyed at Corie's Homecoming game for my own school, saw Eagle Eye, got a craving for homemade guacamole, made a special hoop for The Smashing Pumpkins' "Adore" album, posted pictures of my hoops, went to the State Fair and ate everything, decided I really wanted a teeny tiny house, decided I want to go everywhere ever in 2009, started playing WoW again after a long hiatus, went as Gwen Stefani for HALLOWEEN!!

NOVEMBER - Hung out with Vanessa and Victor, got a whole bunch of lj-gifts, got pissy about Prop 8, discovered (re-discovered?) Hug Nation, got super pissed about the new lj profiles, tried doing NaNoWriMo without checking my word count, hung out with some awesome H_E folk, wanted a hoodie and acquired it on account of Ryan North (!!!), went to the midnight showing of Twilight, saw Josiah Leming in concert again, nerded about The Guild and got a thank you and watching instructions from FELICIA DAY HERSELF, fell madly in love with Torchwood, won NaNo.

DECEMBER - Discovered a way to not have to look at the new profiles, got all serious about my Big Voice Recital, felt ambivalent towards Christmas, went to Denver, CO to see Amanda Palmer & Zoe Keating in concert, was a little less than enthused about Tropic Thunder, pimped my mother's new livejournal, took some data about Pop Tarts, spent a week away from the house to gear up for my recital, performed my recital, released Book Two of xlormp on Lulu, watched Anne Moloney on the webcam, worked like a crazy person on Christmas gifts, went to Six Flags again and discovered we have an ACE Landmark Coaster, got a PULLIP for Christmas, read diabological's livejournal the entire way through, hooped some more, made a fuckton of cookies, fretted about 2009.

Songs I Nerded About in 2008

Good Charlotte, "I Don't Wanna Be In Love"
Poyushchiye Vmeste, "Someone Like Putin"
Oppenheimer, "Saturday Looks Bad to Me"
The Veronicas, "When It All Falls Apart"
The entirety of Rasputina's "Oh, Perilous World"
The Bella Cullen Project, "Vampwolf"
The Fashion, "Like Knives"
Lots of Wizard Rock
Institute, "Secrets & Lies"
Pussycat Dolls, "When I Grow Up"
Jesse McCartney, "Leavin'"
The Veronicas, "Untouched"
The Weakerthans, One Great City!
Josiah Leming, "Her"
Beyonce, "All the Single Ladies"
Berryz Koubou, "Munasawagi Scarlet"

Going back through this year, it's amazing how much has changed. I really feel like a completely different person from the beginning of the year! I really had a good time with 2008. I hope I can keep up this forward momentum for 2009!

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